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Some optional, functional goodness in C# - dave^2 = -1
For this post I wanted to show you a small yet extremely useful bit of functional programming that you can apply right away to your current C# (or VB …
csharp  functional  option  fsharp  nuget 
november 2014
Lazy<T> monad instance in C# - dave^2 = -1
One of the most surprising and useful things I’ve learned about .NET this year is that it has quite good support for monads as of .NET 3.5 (it …
csharp  monad 
november 2014
From two functions to tuples with a mad Haskeller - dave^2 = -1
I love finding neat little bits of Haskell that do things in ways I haven’t really thought of before. This usually happens when I come across a …
haskell  arrow  helloworld 
november 2014
A 'Hello World' introduction to testing in F# - dave^2 = -1
I’ve just started playing around with F#, and I wanted to test some of my code. Here’s an introduction to the absolute basics of getting …
fsharp  helloworld  test 
november 2014
A mad Haskeller runs the same input through a list of functions - dave^2 = -1
Last time I donned my mad Haskeller lab coat we ended up using arrows to pipe the output of two functions into a tuple. This time I’m going to …
haskell  applicative  functor 
november 2014
More freedom from side-effects (F#) - dave^2 = -1
Previously we looked at using IO without side-effects in C# by deferring the execution of side-effects. Rather than immediately performing IO, we …
fsharp  functional  compose  side  effect  interpreter  4* 
november 2014
Side-effect free programming in C# - dave^2 = -1
How can we do inherently side-effecty things like IO when using functional programming, where each call has to be side-effect free?
In this post we&# …
csharp  functional  io  monad  side  effect 
november 2014
Why not try F#? - dave^2 = -1
I have avoided seriously trying F# for years now, mainly because: F# was described as a "functional programming language", and I didn’ …
fsharp  helloworld 
november 2014
String calculator with Parsec - dave^2 = -1
"I hope that one day, the business needs a string calculator. Then I can say "This is the moment I trained for my whole life!"" …
haskell  parsec  string  calculator  helloworld 
november 2014
Digitising hand drawn sketches - dave^2 = -1
Every so often I want to quickly sketch out what should be a simple diagram. Irrespective of what drawing program I use, I always seem to take much …
image  drawing  digital  svg 
november 2014
A simple circuit, an Arduino, and Haskell - dave^2 = -1
I recently had loads of fun attending a Nodebots AU event in Sydney. (Thanks a lot to Damon and Andrew for organising, and NICTA for the venue!) I …
haskell  arduino  robot  electronics 
november 2014
A naive Haxl example Postgres DataStore
A naive Haxl example Postgres DataStore - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.
gist  haxl  haskell  postgres  sql 
november 2014
purescript - Dockerfiles for PureScript
github  docker  purescript 
november 2014
docker-build-ghc-android - A Dockerfile to build a GHC 7.8.3 ARM cross compiler for Android development
github  docker  android  haskell 
november 2014
A Taste of Russian
Learn Russian language podcast: FREE and premium online Russian lessons with native Russian speakers about russian slang, informal, colloquial language. We cover a lot of topics from everyday life: relationships, job, travel, sport, Russian culture.
spoken  language  learn 
november 2014
How Lazy Evaluation Works in Haskell | HackHands
Haskell program code on a computer. It can make our code simpler and more modular, but it can also cause confusion when it comes to...
haskell  lazy  evaluation  list  sequence  whnf 
november 2014
Introduction | H2O World Training
Full day of immersive training with H2O.
book  deep  learn  machine  big  data 
november 2014
Neural Networks and Automated Differentiation | Idontgetoutmuch's Weblog
Introduction Neural networks are a method for classifying data based on a theory of how biological systems operate. They can also be viewed as a generalization of logistic regression. A method for determining the coefficients of a given model, backpropagation, was developed in the 1970’s and rediscovered in the 1980’s. The article “A Functional Approach…
haskell  neural  network  calculus  math  literal  integration  5* 
november 2014
Parking in Westminster: An Analysis in Haskell | Idontgetoutmuch's Weblog
I had a fun weekend analysing car parking data in Westminster at the Future Cities Hackathon along with Amit Nandi Bart Baddeley Jackie Steinitz Ian Ozsvald Mateusz Łapsa-Malawski Apparently in the world of car parking where Westminster leads the rest of UK follows. For example Westminster is rolling out individual parking bay monitors. Our analysis…
haskell  data  analytics  csv  big  file  date  parser  literal 
november 2014
logic-tutorial - A Very Gentle Introduction to Relational Programming
github  relational  logic  programming  tutorial  helloworld  clojure 
november 2014
haskell-on-heroku - Haskell web application deployment.
github  haskell  heroku  deployment 
november 2014
POWA is PostgreSQL Workload Analyzer that gathers performance stats and provides real-time charts and graph to help monitor and tune your PostgreSQL servers. Is is similar to Oracle AWR or SQL Server MDW.
web  design  minimal  postgres  sql 
november 2014
Currying | F# for fun and profit
Breaking multi-parameter functions into smaller one-parameter functions
fsharp  curry 
november 2014
Emacs Themes - GNU Emacs Themes Gallery
A list of popular Emacs Themes with screenshots and sources. Tutorials & Tips on Emacs theme customization and tweaking.
emacs  colour  theme  resource  aggregator 
november 2014 - the API search engine
Find all the APIs you need to build your successful projects. is the first search engine for APIs.
api  mashup  service  aggregator 
november 2014
Build software better, together.
github  rust  functional  programming  repository 
november 2014
Learn You an Agda - William DeMeo
This is a markdown version of the tutorial
Learn You an Agda and Achieve Enlightenment!
by Liam O’Connor-Davis. I made this version for my own …
agda  helloworld  proof  peano  recursion  math  emacs  for  all  5* 
november 2014
Sean Voisen » Thoughts on prototype engineering
Sean Voisen's compendium of projects and musings.
prototype  creativity  5* 
november 2014
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