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« earlier   later » - Real-time Web Application with Websockets and Vert.x
At Allegro, you can sell items at a fixed price (buy now) or at auction.
Auctions are still a popular sales format, especially in categories such a...
vertx  web  socket 
february 2016
Reading and Writing Avro Files from the Command Line - Michael G. Noll
How to read and write data files in Avro format from the command line.
binary  avro  tool  compiler  json 
february 2016
Apache Storm 0.9 training deck and tutorial - Michael G. Noll
An extensive tutorial and training deck on Apache Storm 0.9
storm  slide 
february 2016
Overview - Spark 1.6.0 Documentation
Apache Spark 1.6.0 documentation homepage
spark  documentation  5* 
february 2016
Reactive Fun With Scala.js • Foat Akhmadeev
Scala reactive notes, part 2. Demo application using reactive library and Scala.js.
scala  javascript  helloworld 
february 2016
Web Crawling With Akka • Foat Akhmadeev
Scala and Akka web crawler. Supports non-blocking features and introduces many interesting Reactive techniques.
scraping  web  akka  index  screen 
february 2016
Overview of Akka Typed | Scalac
Overview of type safe way of Akka Actors communication (Akka Typed)
type  akka  actor 
february 2016
Moving to AndroidAnnotations Tips and Tricks | Scalac
good advices and examples on AA (AndroidAnnotations) and UiThread
java  android  annotation 
february 2016
Shapeless Futures | Scalac
Short introduction to shapeless with examples of basic and advanced applications to futures.
scala  shapeless  future  4* 
february 2016
Shapeless Monads | Scalac
Demonstration of how shapeless can be used to make the code more compact and flexible.
scala  shapeless  monad  applicative  functor 
february 2016
OrientDB and Scala - Getting started | Scalac
Quick introduction to OrientDB, how to install it and use it. First of the series.
orient  db  helloworld 
february 2016
Looking into Scala.js | Scalac
Is Scala.js production ready? Sharing experiences after creating a mini-game.
scala  javascript  helloworld  game 
february 2016
Websockets Server with akka-http | Scalac
Step-by-step introduction to akka-http and websocket with example how to make multiroom chat.
web  socket  server  akka  http  stream 
february 2016
The Emperor’s New Clothes or for breeze with inkscape | KDE and LINUX
Inkscape get full breeze icon support. git clone kde:breeze-icons and test the new inkscape icons. They are not only an monochrome icon from the original so feedback is very welcome. Do awesome thinks, join the VDG.
inkscape  icon 
february 2016
sourceful/send-email-as-a-startup: How to Send Email Like a Startup -- Making every email count.
send-email-as-a-startup - How to Send Email Like a Startup -- Making every email count.
entrepreneur  email 
february 2016
antoniolg/Bandhook-Kotlin: A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
Bandhook-Kotlin - A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
github  android  kotlin  music  application 
february 2016
Realtime Trending Analysis with Approximate Algorithms | Mawazo
When we hear about trending, twitter trending immediately comes to mind. However, there are many other scenarios, where such analysis is applicable. Some example  use cases  are 1. Top 5 videos watched in last 2 hours   2. Top 10 news stories browsed in last 15 minutes 3. Top 10 products that users have interacted with…
storm  stream  processing 
february 2016
Questioning the Lambda Architecture - O'Reilly Radar
Nathan Marz wrote a popular blog post describing an idea he called the Lambda Architecture (How to beat the CAP theorem). The Lambda Architecture is an approach to building...
stream  processing  kafka 
february 2016
Java Garbage Collection 101 – Polyglot Programmer's Blog
Do you have an interview tomorrow and want to refresh your knowledge on garbage collection? Or maybe you are new to this topic and just want to start somewhere? Either way, this is a place for you. In this post, I will go from fundamentals to the practical implementations and will introduce you to several GC buzzwords.
jvm  java  memory  model  garbagecollection 
february 2016
Multithreading 101 – Polyglot Programmer's Blog
This post will explain the basics laying behind multithreading in general and how those basics relate to real-world programming languages (Java in this case). This is the foundation which we will build upon in later posts, where we will talk about advanced multithreading and concurrency topics.
java  concurrency  multi  thread  lock  volatile  memory  model  mutex  4* 
february 2016
ROM/RAM hacking: Building an SMS powered Game Genie
ROM/RAM hacking: Building an SMS powered Game Genie
lua  twilio  game  flask  hex  emulator 
february 2016
Finatra 2.0: the fast, testable Scala services framework that powers Twitter | Twitter Blogs
Introducing Finatra 2.0: a high-performance, scalable, testable framework powering production services at Twitter.
february 2016
How To Install and Use OrientDB on an Ubuntu 12.04 VPS | DigitalOcean
In recent years, non-relational databases have grown in popularity as developers have started seeking solutions that more closely address their specific issues. OrientDB is a NoSQL database that incorporates SQL querying syntax with document-based sto
digital  ocean  orient  graph  db 
february 2016
Using Libsass Today · Jezen Thomas
How I configured Libsass without node, npm, and all that needless headache.
lib  sass 
february 2016
Deploying A Haskell Web Service With Nix · Jezen Thomas
The entire process from zero to “Hello, Haskell!” running on a cheap Amazon EC2 instance.
nix  mac  deployment  haskell  helloworld  yesod  web  service 
february 2016
API Design & Testing State of the Art
APIs are important, and ensuring they work as intended is key to a successful deployment. Read more about state of the art API design & testing here.
api  design 
february 2016
API Security: Deep Dive into OAuth and OpenID Connect
OAuth 2 and OpenID Connect are fundamental to gold standard API security. Learn the details of these protocols, so you can secure your APIs!
oauth  4* 
february 2016
3 Applications of OpenID Connect
Ping Identity’s Paul Madsen explains how OpenID Connect can be used for Native SSO, Mobile Identity Management & secure Internet of Things applications
february 2016
Technologies To Increase API Security
Security is a pressing issue in the API world. This blog post offers actionable insights into using OAuth and the Neo-Security stack to handle identity and access control
february 2016
Building A Better Voice Mail Using Twilio | Nordic APIs |
This walkthrough uses Twilio to create a voice mail system that notifies you by email whenever someone leaves a message. Twilio's intuitive developer portal is a great example for other API providers to follow.
twilio  php  api 
february 2016
Microservices Architecture Best Practices | Nordic APIs
What are the best practices for the microservices architecture? Where does it miss? Where could it make your app more scalable?
micro  service 
february 2016
Fidor APIs - Resources and developer community
Start using the Fidor banking APIs right now. Join our developer community, learn all about using the APIs and discuss with Fidor experts.
api  finance 
february 2016
API Security: The 4 Defenses of The API Stronghold | Nordic APIs |
Authentication, Authorization, Federation, and Delegation: four of the most important terms you will ever find in the API space, surprisingly often confused. Today we unpack these ramparts of API security.
api  security  authentication 
february 2016
How To Control User Identity Within Microservices | Nordic APIs |
OAuth can be paired with OpenID Connect to perform delegation of user identity across microservices for secure and replicable control of access management.
february 2016
Home | Nest Developers
The Nest Developer Program and Nest API give developers the tools and insights they need to build meaningful connections that make the home safer, more energy efficient, and aware.
api  electronics 
february 2016
Google Maps Directions API  |  Google Developers
Calculate directions using multiple transportation modes & multi-part directions with turn-by-turn, walking, cycling & public transit routing.
google  map  api  mashup 
february 2016
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