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Java 8 Concurrency Tutorial: Atomic Variables and ConcurrentMap - Benjamin Winterberg
Learn multi-threaded programming with Java 8 by example: This tutorial covers atomic variables and concurrent maps.
java  eight  concurrency  atomic  map  4* 
february 2016 by ianweatherhogg
Living the Future of Technical Writing — Medium
The amazing adventures and final toolchain of Pro Git, 2nd Edition
git  writing  epub  book  ascii  documentation  github  markdown  atomic  editor 
october 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Lock-free Data Structures. Basics: Atomicity and Atomic Primitives / C++ / Kukuruku / Technology Hub
Lock-free data structures are based on two things – atomic operations and methods of memory access regulation. In this article
cpp  lock  free  data  structure  compareandset  atomic  thread  concurrency  5* 
may 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Roll Your Own Lightweight Mutex
In an earlier post, I pointed out the importance of using a lightweight mutex. I also mentioned it was possible to write your own, provided you can …
mutex  spin  lock  design  cpp  algorithm  atomic  performance  assembly  language  5*  benchmark 
february 2014 by ianweatherhogg

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