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Typelevel.scala | It's programs all the way down
Let the Scala compiler work for you. We provide type classes, instances, conversions, testing, supplements to the standard library, and much more.
type  level  dsl  embedded  scala  scalaz 
may 2017 by ianweatherhogg
void-main-args: Semantic Tableaux in Less than 90 Lines of Scala
Atom, Conjunction, Disjunction, Implication, Equivalence, and Xor
scala  dsl 
november 2012 by ianweatherhogg
Code Commit (permanently in beta)
looks weighted on the parser side - interesting
blogs  scala  dsl  4*  parser  compiler 
december 2010 by ianweatherhogg
2010 Tech Conference: Linguistic Programming: Crafting Domain-Specific Languages in Scala
LInguistic Programming - Excellent - internal external dsl - implementation of Basic in Scala
scala  dsl  screencast 
december 2010 by ianweatherhogg
Sculptor Team Blog
Includes an article on a betting engine being developed. There's some good stuff here as well to explore in terms of event driven architecture and dsl's
blogs  akka  scala  betting  betfair  3*  dsl  event  driven 
november 2010 by ianweatherhogg
InfoQ: Strongly Typed Domain Specific Embedded Languages
excellent - got to 33 mins - started talking about LLVM bytecode and wasn't too interested in this
infoq  dsl  haskell  screencast 
august 2010 by ianweatherhogg

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