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Streaming remote files with Elixir | CivilCode Labs
Context: We want to provide a file to a user from a remote S3 bucket.
elixir  erlang  chunk  transfer  encode  stream  processing  resource 
december 2018 by ianweatherhogg
Getting started with Let's Encrypt!
Let's Encrypt doesn't fully support HPKP yet so here's you can get started with Let's Encrypt and maintain your HPKP policy!
ssl  let  5*  encode  certificate 
may 2018 by ianweatherhogg
An Encoding Primer
Concepts The Old Way The New Way A Note About "Plain Text" The Standards ASCII Extended ASCII IBM (OEM) Code Pages ANSI (Microsoft) Code Pages Unicode UTF-
unicode  encode 
october 2015 by ianweatherhogg
How to rip a DVD to MPEG-4 using MEncoder & Linux »
MEncoder DVD rip tutorial - How to rip a full length DVD to DivX/MPEG4 using MEncoder, MPlayer & the XviD codec on the Linux command line.
linux  encode  mplayer 
june 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Authorizing a request | Twitter Developers
The purpose of this document is to show you how to modify HTTP requests for the purpose of sending authorized requests to the Twitter API.
All of Twitter’s APIs are based on the HTTP protocol. This means that any software you write which uses Twitter’s APIs sends a series of structured messages to Twitter’s servers. For example, a request to post the text “Hello Ladies + Gentlemen, a signed OAuth request!” as a Tweet will look something like this:
twitter  oauth  api  specification  http  authorization  head  url  encode  consumer  key  parameter  5* 
november 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Fantastic - interested in the protocol design and information exchange mechanisms
design  go  rpc  5*  html  xml  marshelling  json  web  protocol  finite  state  machine  server  network  api  parser  channel  socket  io  net  pseudo  code  encode 
july 2011 by ianweatherhogg

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