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Exploring Nix & Haskell Part 1: Project Setup – Christian Henry
I’ve been working a lot with Nix and Haskell lately, and I thought now would be
a good time to pause and write about it before I either forget what I’ve learned
or forget why I found it difficult in the first place.

haskell  nix  ghc  4* 
september 2018 by ianweatherhogg
Contributing to GHC
I came to the RC thinking that I would contribute to the Elm compiler… but then abandoned the idea for many reasons of varying validity- but it definitely fe...
ghc  compiler  make  build 
march 2018 by ianweatherhogg
mpickering - Using a development version of GHC with nix
Jailbreaking is a process which removes all version bounds from a package. This is safe to do as each package set only contains one version of each dependency anyway.
nix  ghc  haskell  self  overlay  extension  package  set  5* 
january 2018 by ianweatherhogg
9.1. Language options — Glasgow Haskell Compiler <release> Users Guide
Primitive values are often represented by a simple bit-pattern, such as Int#, Float#, Double#. But this is not necessarily the case: a primitive value might be represented by a pointer to a heap-allocated object. Examples include Array#, the type of primitive arrays. Thus, Array# is an unlifted, boxed type. A primitive array is heap-allocated because it is too big a value to fit in a register, and would be too expensive to copy around; in a sense, it is accidental that it is represen...
haskell  ghc  documentation  language  extension  5* 
june 2017 by ianweatherhogg
Top tips and tools for optimising Haskell - Pusher Blog
Pusher’s Will Sewell shares a simple guide on getting started with Haskell tools for optimising performance with a focus on CPU profiling
haskell  ghc  optimization  thread  scope  flag  4* 
september 2016 by ianweatherhogg
hadrian/ at master · snowleopard/hadrian
hadrian - Hadrian: a new build system for the Glasgow Haskell Compiler
windows  haskell  ghc  installation 
july 2016 by ianweatherhogg
GHC on El Capitan : haskell
This thread is for collecting information about getting GHC working on El Capitan. Please upvote posts with specific step-by-step instructions for...
reddit  haskell  ghc  mac  stack 
november 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Can you post your Emacs configuration for Haskell/GHC? : haskell
I'm really new with emacs and .emacs file, I'm trying to find the right configuration for me. Also, if you don't use emacs, which editor, ide,...
reddit  emacs  ghc  haskell  configuration 
september 2015 by ianweatherhogg
multi-ghc-travis - Scripts and instructions for using Travis-CI with multiple GHC configurations
github  travis  multi  project  ghc  haskell 
july 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Producer Consumer example using GHCJS and NixOS | Haskellville
For a time I have wanted to try GHCJS, but it was rumored to be hard to install. However, as I recently installed NixOS on my desktop computer and it has packages for GHCJS, I decided I would give GHCJS a shot. Bas van Diijk had made a mailing list post outlining how he uses uses GHCJS with…
nix  ghc  javascript 
april 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Worked-for-me instructions for trying out GHC 7.10 RC1 : haskell
This was much more painful than GHC 7.8 so I thought I'd make an attempt at a little guide. I have GHC 7.8.3 installed: * comment any...
reddit  ghc  haskell  installation  new  version 
january 2015 by ianweatherhogg
docker-ghc-7.8.3-rivet - Contains a base image including ghc-7.8.3 and the utility rivet.
github  docker  ghc  haskell  snap 
november 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Haskell Profiling and Optimization | NP-Incompleteness
I've been practicing my Haskell skills by solving programming challenges. During my ACM-ICPC competitor days, I used to practice a lot on SPOJ. The good thing about SPOJ is that it accepts submissions in many many languages (most other sites are limited to C, C++, Pascal and Java). There's a Brazilian fork of SPOJ, called…
haskell  ghc  criterion  profiling  optimization  pragma 
november 2014 by ianweatherhogg
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