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frege-lein-plugin - Support Frege compiler via leiningen
github  clojure  frege  plugin  leiningen 
january 2016 by ianweatherhogg
lein-sass - SASS plugin for Leiningen using Sass.js
github  leiningen  sass  javascript  plugin 
april 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Advanced Leiningen Checkouts: Configuring What Ends Up on Your Classpath - Jake McCrary
Leiningen checkout dependencies are a useful
feature. Checkout dependencies allow you to work on a library and consuming
project at the same time. By …
leiningen  class  path 
march 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Adding Custom Libraries Into Local Leiningen Repository
mvn install:install-file
nakkaya  leiningen  maven 
september 2012 by ianweatherhogg
gist: 591900 - GitHub
Bringing up another program/process from leiningen - set in project in clojure
gist  clojure  leiningen  bash  script 
january 2011 by ianweatherhogg

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