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File locking in Linux
Table of contents
Introduction Advisory locking Common features Differing features File descriptors and i-nodes BSD locks (flock) POSIX record locks (fcntl) lockf function Open file description locks (fcntl) Emulating Open file description locks Test program Command-line tools Mandatory locking Example usage Introduction File locking is a mutual-exclusion mechanism for files. Linux supports two major kinds of file locks:
advisory locks mandatory locks Below we discuss all loc...
linux  file  lock 
july 2019 by ianweatherhogg
POSIX Threads Explained, Part 2
POSIX threads are a great way to increase the responsiveness and performance of your code. In this second article of a three-part series, Daniel Robbi...
c  thread  lock  5* 
may 2019 by ianweatherhogg
Why Spinlocks Are Bad On iOS – Postmates
Spinlocks are a pretty simple synchronization construct, right? In this post we’ll explain what spinlocks are, how they work, and why they’re fundamentally unsafe on iOS. But first, we’re also…
spin  lock 
april 2018 by ianweatherhogg
Articles on computer science and optimization.
A list of articles on computer science and optimization, with a focus on parallel computing.
blogs  c  cpp  gcc  assembly  language  concurrency  thread  lock  5* 
march 2018 by ianweatherhogg
Finding lock inversions with DTrace.
dtrace  lock 
august 2017 by ianweatherhogg
Java 8 Concurrency Tutorial: Synchronization and Locks - Benjamin Winterberg
Learn multi-threaded programming with Java 8 by example: This tutorial covers Synchronization, Locks and Semaphores.
java  eight  concurrency  synchronization  lock  4* 
february 2016 by ianweatherhogg
Multithreading 101 – Polyglot Programmer's Blog
This post will explain the basics laying behind multithreading in general and how those basics relate to real-world programming languages (Java in this case). This is the foundation which we will build upon in later posts, where we will talk about advanced multithreading and concurrency topics.
java  concurrency  multi  thread  lock  volatile  memory  model  mutex  4* 
february 2016 by ianweatherhogg
Shard Your Hash Table To Reduce Write Locks
By sharding a hashtable we can reduce the scope of write locks for improved concurrency
go  hash  table  shard  writer  lock  optimization  4* 
june 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Concurrent Reads with Serialized Writes
A pattern to safely support concurrent reads while synchronizing writes
go  concurrency  lock 
june 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Condition Variables
An introduction to using condition variables for concurrency (in golang)
go  tcp  concurrency  conditional  lock  4* 
june 2015 by ianweatherhogg
Lock-Free Data Structures. The Evolution of a Stack
In the previous articles I described the basis, on which lock-free data structures and basic algorithms of the lifetime management
cpp  lock  free  data  structure  concurrency 
february 2015 by ianweatherhogg
What's new in CPUs since the 80s and how does it affect programmers?
This is a response to the following question from David Albert: My mental model of CPUs is stuck in the 1980s: basically boxes that do arithmetic, …
cpu  processor  architecture  clang  assembly  language  memory  concurrency  lock  5* 
january 2015 by ianweatherhogg
my lock screen mechanism (change paths accordingly)
my lock screen mechanism
(change paths accordingly) - Gist is a simple way to share snippets of text and code with others.
gist  nix  i3  lock 
september 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Lock-free Data Structures. Memory Model. Part 3. / C++ / Kukuruku / Technology Hub
In the previous article we looked inside the processor, even if it’s hypothetic. We have clarified that for the
lock  free  data  structure  cpp  spin  4*  thread  concurrency 
august 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Lock-free Data Structures. The Inside. Memory Management Schemes / C++ / Kukuruku / Technology Hub
As I’ve already mentioned in the previous articles, the main difficulties when implementing lock-free data structures are ABA problem and
cpp  template  lock  free  data  structure 
august 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Doconce-mode - Major-mode for the Doconce markup language.
github  emacs  mode  font  lock 
june 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Lock-free Data Structures. Basics: Atomicity and Atomic Primitives / C++ / Kukuruku / Technology Hub
Lock-free data structures are based on two things – atomic operations and methods of memory access regulation. In this article
cpp  lock  free  data  structure  compareandset  atomic  thread  concurrency  5* 
may 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Lock-free Data Structures. 1 — Introduction / C++ / Kukuruku / Technology Hub
I hope that this article will give a good start for a series of notes about lock-free data structures.
c  cpp  lock  free  data  structure 
may 2014 by ianweatherhogg
An Introduction to Lock-Free Programming
Lock-free programming is a challenge, not just because of the complexity of the task itself, but because of how difficult it can be to penetrate the …
lock  free  algorithm  compareandset  memory  order  cpp  5* 
february 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Roll Your Own Lightweight Mutex
In an earlier post, I pointed out the importance of using a lightweight mutex. I also mentioned it was possible to write your own, provided you can …
mutex  spin  lock  design  cpp  algorithm  atomic  performance  assembly  language  5*  benchmark 
february 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Blog Archive
Blog Archive 2014 What Is a Bitcoin, Really?
Jan 27 2014 2013 Bitcoin Address Generator in Obfuscated Python
Dec 19 2013 Acquire and Release Fences …
blogs  cpp  python  concurrency  lock  free  linux  5*  c  profiling  math  physics  benchmark  bitcoin 
february 2014 by ianweatherhogg
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