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Karl Seguin
If my mistakes don't help you, they'll hopefully entertain you.
blogs  redis  nosql  5*  data  model  base  mongo  db  go  algorithm 
december 2011 by ianweatherhogg
A Tree-based Approach to Persistence with MongoDB - NGENUITY - an engineering development blog
Studying the data models for our games, it became clear that most of our game data can be described as a tree structure. Since we’ve been sharding our databases for some time now, this was not a giant revelation (we almost always end up sharding on user id).
3*  data  model  mongo  db  shard 
december 2011 by ianweatherhogg
Task Dispatch and Nonblocking IO in Scala : Havoc's Blog
Dispatch just means scheduling the task on a thread and executing it.
io  scala  node  javascript  non  dispatch  akka  actor  rabbitmq  5*  future  stream  processing  async  mongo  db  block 
november 2011 by ianweatherhogg

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