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The Physics of Productivity: Newton's Laws of Getting Stuff Done
Read this article to learn how to be more productive. Discover how Newton's Laws of Motion can boost your productivity.
productivity  newton 
september 2014 by ianweatherhogg
A Simply Typed Lambda-Calculus for Forward Automatic Differentiation « Oleksandr Manzyuk's Blog
data D = D Double Double

instance Num D where
D x x' + D y y' = D (x + y) (x' + y')
D x x' * D y y' = D (x * y) (x * y' + x' * y)
negate (D x x') = D (negate x) (negate x')
instance Floating D where
exp (D x x') = D (exp x) (exp x * x')
log (D x x') = D (log x) (x' / x)
sin (D x x') = D (sin x) (cos x * x')
calculus  haskell  4*  type  lambda  math  newton 
november 2012 by ianweatherhogg
The Research Kitchen Weblog
Most recent posts concentrate on R, mathematics and trading systems. The earlier is Java/bash JEE/Hibernate/Spring oreintated. Go for the early stuff
blogs  r  statistics  arbitrage  5*  calculus  math  newton 
december 2010 by ianweatherhogg

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