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Node Modules to Rule Them All - Quils in Space
Extending Fold and Unfold to Exponential Embarassing-ness
javascript  node  npm  module  package  manager  load  name  space  pattern  5* 
march 2017 by ianweatherhogg - Offline installation of npm packages
Addy Osmani is a web tooling engineer at Google working with the Chrome team. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.
npm  local  installation  4* 
june 2016 by ianweatherhogg
How to Use npm as a Build Tool
Last month I noted my opinions on why we should stop using Grunt, Gulp et al. I suggested we should start using npm instead. Here's how...
npm  script  hook  test  publish  lint  javascript  5*  work  flow 
may 2016 by ianweatherhogg
Why the PureScript community uses Bower - Harry Garrood
My personal website. Blog posts, portfolio, and contact information.
bower  purescript  npm  comparison 
may 2016 by ianweatherhogg
Vert.x3 says "hello" to NPM users
Vert.x is a tool-kit for building reactive applications on the JVM.
vertx  npm  javascript  node  helloworld 
april 2016 by ianweatherhogg
The Azure Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface
Install and configure the Azure Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface to manage Azure Services
windows  cloud  command  line  tool  deployment  node  npm 
december 2014 by ianweatherhogg | Nodejitsu Inc.
Browse packages, users, code, stats and more the public npm registry in style.
npm  cheatsheet 
october 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Node Modules to Rule Them All - Soreλa's Basement
Rants about programming, open source, caffeine, unfunny
jokes and such stuff.
npm  javascript  module  design  pattern  functional  programming  idiom  require  browser  5*  package  installation  name  space 
december 2013 by ianweatherhogg

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