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Arch Linux on ZFS - Part 2: Installation - John Ramsden
In the last section of this series I explained how to embed ZFS on the Arch Linux install media so that an installation can be completed from the ISO. While in this section I will go through the installation of Arch Linux using ZFS as the root filesystem.
free  nas  raid  zfs  pool  linux  5*  archlinux 
november 2016 by ianweatherhogg
Futures and Thread pools - Reactive @ Xplore Group
In this article we explore the utilization of Futures in the context of parallelization of code execution. We use the calculation of π as an example.
scala  future  thread  pool  pi  divideandconquer  4*  math  fork  join 
october 2014 by ianweatherhogg
Query by Slice, Parallel Execute, and Join: A Thread Pool Pattern in Java |
To solve our problem of processing a million rows in Java, it is easy to create a million threads and try to get them processed concurrently. But if you try to do that, your process is going to crash due to lack of resources. A better approach is to creat
java  concurrency  thread  pool 
june 2011 by ianweatherhogg
Medusa 0.1 – a supervised thread-pool for Clojure futures « s-expressions
Nice article highlighting bounded and unbounded threadpools for cpu bound and io bound
clojure  metric  thread  pool  visual  vm 
december 2010 by ianweatherhogg

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