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Guitar Effects in Rust
A guitar effect alters how the input sounds by adding distortion, delaying signal, shifting pitch/frequency and changing dynamics and loudness. Most physical...
rust  guitar  music  sound  signal  processing  jack  alsa 
february 2018 by ianweatherhogg
Isomorphism of digital circuits
Building software in haskell is frequently expressing problem in onedomain and then transfer it into another. Previous post Remote fpgacall wasabout using ty...
haskell  electronics  5*  signal  functor  applicative 
january 2017 by ianweatherhogg
A Deep Dive into the SIGTTIN / SIGTTOU Terminal Access Control Mechanism in Linux
From an end-user perspective, the TTY system in Linux (or any POSIX-like OS) is both functional and intuitive. For example, the input you type in usually goes to the process you expect it to go to, CTRL+Z usually suspends the process you expect to... | Thomas Orozco | Avid learner. Enthusiast Programmer. Aspiring Writer.
term  signal  python 
february 2016 by ianweatherhogg
awesome-linuxaudio - A list of software and resources for professional audio/video/live events production on Linux.
github  page  linux  audio  music  digital  work  resource  signal  processing  5*  awesome 
august 2015 by ianweatherhogg
AudioMulch Blog | AudioMulch
Modular audio software for live electronic music performance, composition and experimental sound. Now for Mac and PC.
blogs  sound  music  signal  theory  electronics  4* 
march 2015 by ianweatherhogg

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