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λ Tony’s blog λ » Blog Archive » Java Trivia
Implement the missing function body. These rules must be followed:

No using null
No throwing an exception/error
Function must terminate
No side-effecting
No type-casing (instanceof)
No type-casting
java  design  tonymorris  4*  functional  programming  api 
november 2011 by ianweatherhogg
λ Tony’s blog λ » Blog Archive » A Fling with Lazy Evaluation
Some languages are optionally lazy, including one that I use quite a lot in my work called Scala. This means I have the option of laziness, however, the default in all cases is strictness. I have to explicitly annotate laziness (=> in Scala). Some languages are optionally strict; one that I use a lot is Haskell. Laziness is the default, while strictness is explicitly annotated (seq or ! in Haskell).
scala  haskell  tonymorris  lazy  evaluation 
november 2011 by ianweatherhogg
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