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Japan – A History of Denial ~ Minority Stories
As part of the Minority Stories initiative, Minority Rights Group have published an eight chapter story on Japan’s minorities with a strong focus on caste discrimination and the Buraku in Japan. The story has been created in collaboration with the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR), and we strongly recommend diving into this great new resource
2020  mrg  ingo  Japan  buraku  caste  story  case  publication 
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IDSN statements and recommendations at the UN Human Rights Council’s 42nd Session
IDSN has contributed to the UN Human Rights Council’s 42nd Session with two joint statements with Minority Rights Group International (MRG) on slavery and on safe drinking water and sanitation. IDSN also issued specific recommendations aimed at states and circulated by IDSN.
idsnnews  IDSN  statement  MRG  2019  news  caste  water_sanitation  recommendations  hrc  hrc42  UN  sr_water  slavery  sr_slavery  specialprocedures  special_rapporteurs 
october 2019 by idsn
2018 Joint statement on global caste discrimination by IDSN-MRG for the 39th session of the UN Human Rights Council
IDSN made a joint statement with Minority Rights Group under Item 8. This statement focused on the global prevalence of caste-based discrimination despite the Vienna Declaration and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Caste based discrimination, or discrimination based on work and descent, affects almost every human right, and can be perpetuated throughout generations. Despite legislation and policy development, lack of enforcement and judicial caste bias often lead to complete impunity for perpetrators who have violated Dalits’ rights. This statement also stressed the intersectional effects on Dalit women, who suffer gender-based violence as well as caste-based violence. According to the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Dalit women are often “displaced, pushed into prostitution and victims of trafficking”. IDSN and MRG urged the Council to pay more attention to those affected by caste-based discrimination.
2018  hrc  hrc39  UN  MRG  IDSN  statement 
october 2018 by idsn
Joint statement by IDSN-MRG on caste-related slavery for the 39th session of the Human Rights Council
IDSN, in a joint statement with Minority Rights Group (MRG), delivered a strong statement in response welcoming the report and highlighting the issues faced by Dalit women who are discriminated against, not only because of their caste, but because of their gender. These women are “particularly subject to bonded debt in the area of domestic work”. It is a practice that is prevalent in many countries in Asia and one that needs to urgently be addressed. IDSN and MRG urged the Rapporteur to continue monitoring those who are discriminated against on the basis of their caste, specifically those who are subject to servitude and modern slavery.
statement  MRG  IDSN  2018  un  hrc  hrc39  sr_slavery  slavery 
october 2018 by idsn
Joint statement - Pakistan must act immediately to protect Dalits against forced disappearances, slavery and discrimination
Joint statement by the International Dalit Solidarity Network, Pakistan Dalit Solidarity Network, International Movement Against All Forms of Racism and Discrimination (IMADR), Minority Rights Group International, Anti-Slavery International and FORUM-ASIA.

As the UN review Pakistan’s human rights record on 13 November, we urge the Government to commit with time bound action plans to end ongoing serious human rights violations against Dalits in Pakistan. Despite general commitments made to this effect at previous UN UPR reviews of Pakistan these have not been implemented and violations such as bonded labour, forced conversions and disappearances, murder and persecution of Dalit rights defenders continue unabated. As a newly elected member of the UN Human Rights Council, Pakistan must ensure that commitments to protect the rights of Dalits are urgently and duly implemented.
statement  IDSN  2017  idsnnews  idsnpressrelease  news  joint  imadr  antislavery  mrg  forumasia  Pakistan  key  pakistankey  UN  UPR  slavery  women 
december 2017 by idsn
Life after the earthquake for Dalit communities in Nepal (Minority Rights Group)
Dalit communities are among the poorest in Nepal. So when disaster strikes, such as the immensely destructive earthquake in May 2015, they are inevitably one of the worst affected communities.
Nepal  MRG  FEDO  earthquake  Dalit  caste  2016  humanitarian  news  disaster_relief 
april 2017 by idsn
Report: “Even war discriminates’: Yemen’s minorities, exiled at home” (IDSN News)
A new Minority Rights Group (MRG) report on Yemen focuses on the extreme situation faced by the minorities in the war torn country. The report finds that the Muhamasheen, discriminated against on the basis of caste, reside in some of the worst hit areas of Yemen but face exclusion in access to shelter, relief articles and health facilities. The report states that the Muhamasheen are at risk of death, disease, hunger and further violence and humanitarian actors and the international community must step up efforts to offer relief to these communities.
MRG  Yemen  ingo  2015  Report  publication  caste  humanitarian  key  yemenkey  idsnnews 
january 2016 by idsn
US urged to actively support IDSN's application for UN consultative status (open letter)
IDSN and fourteen other international and regional NGOs have sent a joint open letter to US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry, urging the US to take leadership in supporting IDSN’s application for UN consultative (ECOSOC) status. The application has been unjustly deferred for over 7 years.
openletter  idsn  ishr  hrw  antislavery  imadr  omct  forumasia  idsnnews  us  usstatedept  diaspora  ecosoc  UN  2015  caste  dalit  news  ingo  mrg 
may 2015 by idsn

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