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Report outlines recommendations for action on caste and gender justice in Nepal (IDSN News)
A comprehensive report on the status of Dalit women in Nepal has been released by IDSN member the Feminist Dalit Organization Nepal (FEDO) with support from IDSN and Womankind.

The report details the situation, challenges and recommendations within poverty, education, health, safety, political participation, Dalit women in the media and Dalit girl children in Nepal.

It is clear from the report that while progress has been made, immediate and sustained action targeted at Dalit women in Nepal is crucial.
idsnnews  Report  FEDO  Nepal  Dalit  women  dalitwomen  caste  castegenderjustice  children  health  poverty  education  violence  recommendations 
7 days ago by idsn
IDSN Annual Report 2019-2020
The report covers key developments and activities within IDSN’s work under the thematic areas Dalit women and gender justice, business and human rights and equality and participation, within the United Nations, European Union, and communications and networking programmes.
IDSN  publication  annualreport  2020  2019  southasia  Dalit  caste  UN  EU  India  Bangladesh  Pakistan  Nepal 
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Saving lives by preventing discrimination in COVID-19 relief (IDSN Statement)
As COVID-19 sweeps across the world it is crucial that we ensure that relief, health services and awareness raising efforts are inclusive and accessible to all irrespective of caste, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or other factors. While time is of the essence in the response to COVID-19, taking a moment to ensure that high risk communities such as Dalits are included and addressed in global, national and local responses to COVID-19, can save millions of lives.

IDSN and its members have documented discrimination in relief in relation to numerous disasters in the past including flooding, droughts and earthquakes, where Dalits have been left behind, not provided relief materials on an equitable basis and not given equal access to healthcare, shelter or rehabilitation due to ingrained stigma and discrimination.

There is a high risk that COVID-19 will also be widespread in caste-affected countries and it is therefore crucial that the unique nature of caste discrimination and the discriminatory practice of untouchability are taken into account. Therefore, Dalit communities and civil society organisations must be consulted and included in planning and implementation efforts to mitigate the serious repercussions of COVID-19.

The statement issued by IDSN outlines eight key factors that make Dalits a particularly high-risk group and offers eight key recommendations for state and non-state actors.
statement  IDSN  idsnnews  idsnpressrelease  2020  health  Dalit  caste  India  Nepal  Pakistan  Bangladesh  discrimination  labour  disaster_relief  COVID-19 
7 days ago by idsn
The Search For Caste Solidarity: Dalit Women In India And Nepal (Feminism in India)
“Living in India and being a Dalit woman myself, I have always been exposed to Dalit literature, activism and everyday life discrimination. To find instances of transnational solidarities of India with its neighbouring country of Nepal, where Nepali Dalit women’s lives too are intertwined with gender roles, casteism and patriarchal subordination, startled me.” Pragya Roy takes a look at the status of Dalit women in India and Nepal and the bonds that join them together in solidarity.
2020  Nepal  press  caste  India  Dalit  dalitwomenfight  dalitwomen  women  castegenderjustice  globalsolidarity 
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IDSN takes part in a National Stakeholder Consultation on the UN UPR in Nepal
In February, the IDSN Membership Coordinator took part in the National Stakeholder Consultation on the UN UPR in Nepal, organised by IDSN members the Dalit NGO Federation, Feminist Dalit Organization & Jagaran Media Centre together with IDSN Affiliate the Dalit Welfare Organisation and over thirty other Dalit NGOs in Nepal. The Consultation highlighted the need to act to end caste discrimination and promote caste gender justice. Over 70 participants from CSOs, media, academia, and Government took part in the consultation.
IDSN  idsnnews  caste  Nepal  UN  UPR  uprnepal  2020  news  consultation  political_participation 
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Nepal encouraged to implement UN experts recommendations
Renu Sijapati, from the Feminist Dalit Organisation – FEDO Nepal, delivered an oral statement at the 41st session of the UN Human Rights Council in June 2019, encouraging Nepal to implement the recommendations in the UN Nepal visit report of the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women. The visit took place in October 2018.
UN  2019  caste  dalit  Nepal  women  dalitwomen  hrc  HRC41  sr_violencewomen  specialprocedures  special_rapporteurs  idsnnews 
october 2019 by idsn
No more silence: Companies must address caste in their global supply chains (ETI-UK)
Press Release – Ethical Trading Initiative – UK - Remaining silent about caste discrimination in global supply chains is fueling modern slavery, child labour and the exploitation of workers in South Asia, according to new ETI Base Code guidance for companies published today.
press_release  eti  business  businesskey  businessandhr  children  childlabour  slavery  labour  caste  dalit  2019  News  idsnnews  women  dalitwomen  India  Nepal  Pakistan  Bangladesh  dalitchildren  key 
september 2019 by idsn
Pushing for progress for Dalit women in Nepal (FEDO E-bulletin Jan-March 2019)
IDSN’s member, the Feminist Dalit Organisation in Nepal (FEDO), has issued an e-bulletin with inspirational stories of their work to push for meaningful political participation of Dalit women and fight against discrimination and injustice. Read the FEDO E-bulletin from Jan-March 2019
2019  FEDO  e-bulletin  dalitwomenfight  dalitwomen  dalit  women  nepal  political_participation  justice  castegenderjustice 
july 2019 by idsn
From where I stand: “Local and global political and economic systems create and maintain social inequality” (UN Women – article)
Article by UN Women on Durga Sob, founder of IDSN’s member organization the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO). She is among the 500 activists meeting in Tunisia from 24-26 April for the Tunis Forum on Gender Equality to take stock of the progress made in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration, nearly 25 years on. Read the full article by UN Women
Nepal  women  dalit  dalitwomenfight  castegenderjustice  UN  unwomen  unagencies  2019  caste  FEDO  press 
july 2019 by idsn
'Statelessness' of Dalit communities raised at the UN Forum on Minority Issues (IDSN News 2018)
IDSN participated actively in the 11th Session of the UN Forum on Minority Issues from the 29-30 November, under the theme "Statelessness: A Minority Issue". IDSN members from Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan presented on how Dalits in reality often suffer de facto statelessness, due to extreme marginalization and lack of access to rights. Read the IDSN news article on the forum here.
idsnnews  IDSN  news  2018  UN  minorities  minority_forum  caste  special_rapporteurs  specialprocedures  Bangladesh  Nepal  Pakistan 
february 2019 by idsn
UN Special Rapporteur asks Nepal to act on violence against Dalit women (IDSN News 2018)
The UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Dubravka Šimonović made a preliminary assessment on violence against women in Nepal, after her official visit to the country, which took place from the 19 to the 29 November. On the same occasion, she released an urgent appeal for the Nepalese State to step up efforts to fight against impunity and to secure access to justice for victims of gender-based violence. Read the IDSN article on the assessment here.
UN  sr_violencewomen  specialprocedures  special_rapporteurs  2018  nepal  dalitwomen  women 
february 2019 by idsn
Dalit human rights defenders attend the EU-NGO Forum (IDSN News 2018)
An IDSN delegation consisting of Bhakta Bishwakarma, Dalit NGO Federation/IDSN member, and Judith Anne Laal, NDMJ- NCDHR, participated in the 20th EU-NGO Human Rights Forum in Brussels that took place November 20-22. The Forum, organized by the EEAS and the European Commission, together with the European Parliament for the first time, gathered more than 200 civil society representatives from all over the globe. The Forum was also organised in partnership with the NGO umbrella Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN), of which IDSN is a member. Read the IDSN article on the NGO Forum here.
caste  EU  EEAS  eu_commission  eu_parliament  ep  2018  dalit  nepal  India 
february 2019 by idsn
Renu Sijapati from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 (Video)
Renu Sijapati from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
Durga Sob from FEDO speaks about Dalit women at the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 (Video)
Durga Sob from FEDO speaks about Dalit women at the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
Durga Sob from FEDO speaking about her experience of the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 - YouTube
Durga Sob from FEDO speaking about her experience of the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
Kala Swarnaka from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 (Video)
Kala Swarnaka from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
UN CEDAW committee voices concern over difficulties faced by Dalit women in Nepal (IDSN News)
UN experts on gender discrimination voiced concerns over the difficulties elected Dalit women face in Nepal, the need for proportional inclusion of Dalit women in the Judiciary, and extreme poverty faced by many Dalit women as a result of discrimination and stigmatization. The comments were made by the CEDAW committee members at the review of the 6th periodic report of Nepal, on 23 October 2018.
dalitwomenfight  dalit  dalitwomen  women  nepal  UN  cedaw  treatybodies  2018  news  IDSN  idsnnews 
november 2018 by idsn
Regional conference on equal access to justice calls for action to end caste discrimination (IDSN news)
IDSN member the Feminist Dalit Organisation – FEDO, in collaboration with Nepal Human Rights Commission and Open Society Justice Initiative, organised a three-day conference on "Equal access to justice for all: Using law to dismantle caste based discrimination in South Asia." This was attended by national human rights practitioners and advocates from the region, key state champions and regional actors to highlight the state and national efforts to advance the rights of Dalit and marginalized communities. The practitioners shared their experiences, examples of how organizations and coalitions are implementing wide-ranging changes to advance justice, and discuss ways that legal advocates and community partners can collaborate across organizations and coalitions to forge a way forward.
2018  Nepal  caste  conference  justice  women  dalit  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight 
october 2018 by idsn
Dalit women participate in the European Development days (IDSN news)
Dalit women activists from India and Nepal took part in the European Development days to share their experiences with, and learn from, other women activists fighting similar struggles across the globe. The women also shared their stories with EU officials and development actors.
idsn  idsnnews  2018  caste  eu_commission  eu  dalitwomen  dalit  women  Nepal  India 
october 2018 by idsn
Nepal chapter of the 2018 EU Annual Human Rights Report
Passages related to IDSN's work are highlighted.
Nepal  EU  2018  caste  dalit  EEAS  Report 
august 2018 by idsn
Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability against Dalit in Nepal - 2018 - (Alternative Report by Civil Society to the UN CERD review of Nepal)
Nepal's Civil Society
to the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial
Discrimination in addition to the Government of Nepal periodic
reports 17 to 23, to be reviewed at the 95th session,
23 April -11 May 2018
Caste-Based Discrimination and Untouchability against Dalit in Nepal
February 2018
un  cerd  nepal  submission  2018  Report  treatybodies  key 
july 2018 by idsn
UN anti-racism committee issues strong recommendations on fighting caste discrimination in Nepal - International Dalit Solidarity Network
The Concluding Observations of the May 2018 review of Nepal, by the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD), includes dozens of remarks relating to caste-based discrimination and several strongly worded recommendations on fighting it. Read the full IDSN analysis
Nepal  2018  idsnnews  UPR  recommendations  outcome  UN  idsn  news  violence  education  dalitwomen  women  humanitarian  justice  cerd  key  treatybodies 
july 2018 by idsn
The need to address caste-based violence highlighted in international annual human rights reports (IDSN news 2018)
The newly released Human Rights Watch World Report 2018, Amnesty International Report 2018 and the US State Department reports on India and Nepal, find that caste-based discrimination and violence remain a serious threat as hate crimes against Dalits are widespread. Some of the other themes raised in the reports include discrimination in accessing services, ´manual scavenging´ and bonded labour. Read the IDSN summary of these reports
2018  idsnnews  idsn  news  ingo  india  nepal  amnesty  HRW  usstatedept  atrocities  violence  violence_against_women  women  dalitwomen  sexual_violence 
july 2018 by idsn
Education, economic empowerment and capacity building for Dalit women in Nepal
Learn about the work of IDSN member the Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO) to promote education and economic empowerment of Dalit women in their October-December e-bulletin.
FEDO  Nepal  2017  women  dalitwomen 
may 2018 by idsn
Nepal story: I am a strong woman now and I am changing my community for the better
Mayawati was illiterate for much of her life. As a Dalit woman, she faced discrimination and was not made to feel equal. With support from the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Mayawati joined a women-led group and completed training courses. This helped her to realise how important her voice is.
2017  nepal  dalitwomenfight  women  dalit  dalitwomen  FEDO 
january 2018 by idsn
Young Dalit activists speak out at the UN Minority Forum on youth and inclusion
Young Dalit activists played an active role at the 2017 Forum on Minority Issues, which took place in Geneva from 30 November to 1 December. Dalit women from Nepal and India, forming part of an IDSN delegation, gave powerful presentations under the theme of Minority youth: towards diverse and inclusive societies. They explained to participants how deeply ingrained caste-based discrimination continues to pose severe obstacles to equal participation in most aspects of life and how social media offers both new opportunities for change and new challenges.
UN  minority_forum  minorities  idsnnews  2017  Nepal  India  sr_minorities  specialprocedures  special_rapporteurs 
january 2018 by idsn
Dalit women and political representation in Nepal (Video, FEDO, 2017)
Inspiring video from Feminist Dalit Organization – FEDO, Nepal about Dalit women and political representation in Nepal. Meet som of the fantastic women putting Dalit rights on the political agenda in Nepal and working together across party lines to create a better future.
video  fedo  dalit  caste  2017  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight  women  key  Nepal  political_participation  politics 
october 2017 by idsn
Dalit women in Nepal enter local government in record numbers (IDSN News)
When a record number of Dalit women now take their seat in local Government across the country it is indeed a dream come true. IDSN members in Nepal have been working for decades to increase the political participation of Dalit women, resulting in the 2017 Local Level Election Act stipulating that at least one of the four members of each Ward Committee should be a woman from the Dalit community. As a result of this over 7000 Dalit women stood for election and thousands will be set to take their seat in local Government this autumn.
2017  news  idsn  idsnnews  nepal  political_participation  dalit  caste  women  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight 
october 2017 by idsn
Dalit flood victims need food, water and medicine (IDSN News)
Following the devastating floods in South Asia serious concern for Dalit communities affected by the disaster is being reported. IDSN’s members are on the ground responding and monitoring the situation as it unfolds. Nepal, Bangladesh and India have experienced severe flooding over the past weeks and many Dalit communities are hard hit. In this article we will share some of the reports we have received from members in Nepal. We will be following up on this once more reports have come in from the rest of the region.
2017  news  idsn  idsnnews  nepal  humanitarian  disaster_relief  caste  dalit 
october 2017 by idsn
Concerns of Dalit women in the High Level Political Forum 2017 on SDGs (Publication, Nepal)
This paper, compiled by the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO)
of Nepal in consultation with Dalit women’s groups, seeks to inform
the international community on the occasion of the High Level
Political Forum on the SDGs 2017. It lays out the situation for
Dalit women in Nepal, including the protections, the achievements
and the challenges, and makes recommendations to governments
and donors on the implementation of the gender provisions of the
SDGs, to ensure that Dalit women’s rights are achieved and that
no-one is left behind.
sdgs  FEDO  nepal  2017  women  Dalit  dalitwomenfight  dalitwomen  UN 
september 2017 by idsn
SDGs in action: Dalit women in Nepal (IDSN news)
In connection with their participation at the High Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals in New York, IDSN member in Nepal, FEDO, has produced a valuable briefing paper on the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are directly related to the situation of Dalits, and in particular of Dalit women. The paper offers key insight into the relevance of the SDGs and their implication at the national and local level.
IDSN  idsnnews  news  publication  nepal  dalitwomenfight  women  2017  political_participation  politics  dalit  caste  sdgs  UN  FEDO 
september 2017 by idsn
No end in sight to plight of Dalit flood victims (case, Nepal, 2017)
Children in Dalit settlements of Bishnupur Rural Municipality in Saptari are in dire need of relief materials, as they have lost their houses along with clothes and food grains in the recent floods in the district.

The hapless children, along with their parents, have been taking shelter in makeshift tents on the roadside. They are just surviving on food items such as noodles, biscuits, and beaten rice provided by different organisations.
Nepal  2017  case  jmc  nndswo  children  dalitchildren  humanitarian 
august 2017 by idsn
My ambition is to be a political leader (FEDO, case, 2017, Nepal)
Pabitra Bishwokarma is the President of the Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO) in the Makhanpur District of Nepal.
“I was forced to get married when I was only 14. My husband was 11 years older than me and we had never met.  I wanted to continue at school, but my parents insisted that I marry.  So I tried to poison myself.  But I still had to get married.
“I heard FEDO interviewed on the radio and was interested in what they said about Dalit women’s rights.  After I became District President I realised that I needed to be more educated so that I could motivate and help other women.
“My ambition is to be a political leader and a role model for the Dalit community.  In the past Dalit women have been used by political parties, but, thanks to FEDO, we now have bargaining power.
FEDO  Nepal  2017  caste  dalit  women  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight  case 
august 2017 by idsn
At first I didn’t feel able to, but now I can, and I put my views forward. (FEDO, case, Nepal, 2017)
Women from the Dalit caste in Nepal face huge discrimination on every level and are treated as outcasts in society. They are made even more vulnerable by their lack of access to money, housing and land. 

We met Sharada, a woman from the poorest Dalit community. She gets support from our partner Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO) to understand and fight for Dalit women’s rights. 
FEDO  Nepal  2017  caste  dalit  women  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight  case 
august 2017 by idsn
‘We are now respected, we can access funds, we speak out to say what we want’ (FEDO, case, Nepal, 2017)
Deemed ‘untouchable’ by her community, Kamala faced discrimination for being a Dalit woman. People were afraid of her and she felt ashamed. With support from the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Kamala joined the Shiba Madesi Dalit Women’s Group where she gained the skills and confidence to claim her rights and take control of her life
FEDO  Nepal  2017  caste  dalit  women  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight  case 
august 2017 by idsn
'We stand in solidarity against discrimination and have a unique bond.' (Dalit women, case, Nepal, 2017)
Married at just nine years old, Anita’s story is far from uncommon among Dalit women. Facing discrimination for her lower caste status, Anita was led to believe she was ‘untouchable’ by her community. Through joining a women-led group organised by the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Anita built strength, grew in confidence and made friendships. Now, as the President of the group, she stands up for the rights of Dalit women and girls.
FEDO  Nepal  2017  caste  dalit  women  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight  case 
august 2017 by idsn
'I am a strong woman now and I am changing my community for the better' (Dalit women, case, Nepal, 2017)
Mayawati was illiterate for much of her life. As a Dalit woman, she faced discrimination and was ashamed of who she was. With support from IDSN member Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Mayawati joined a women-led group and completed training courses. This helped her to realise how important her voice is.
fedo  2017  Nepal  case  dalit  women  dalitwomen 
august 2017 by idsn
We can speak up and claim our rights (Dalit women, case, Nepal, 2017)
Santu was grieving the loss of her husband and looking after her five small children when the earthquake hit Nepal in 2015. On top of the hardships she already faced, Santu lost her house to the earthquake and was left with nothing.
case  nepal  2017  dalit  women  dalitwomenfight  caste 
august 2017 by idsn
Nepal - Houses for Dalits limited to paper
The government’s decision to build houses for Dalit families of Arnaha Rural Municipality, Saptari,  under the People’s Residence Programme has fallen flat.
Dalit families of the locality are disappointed as construction work has yet to begin though the current fiscal year is coming to an end. Local Lalaku Sada said, “The government’s false promise has disheartened our impoverished Dalit community.”
The government’s apathy in constructing the residences has let down Dalit families of around 50 Village Development Committees across the district.
caste  2017  nepal  dalit  housing  services  access_services  discrimination  implementation  case 
august 2017 by idsn
Dalits of Bajura village cannot vote freely
Nande Luwar, 70, of Jukot in Swamikartik Rural Municipality, Bajura has voted many times in his life. But, due to some reasons Nande could not cast his vote freely. “I will vote where the upper caste people ask me to vote,” he added.This is a common trend among Dalit families of Jukot, Bajura.
Nepal  2017  political_participation  politics  voting  caste  dalit  discrimination  justice  case 
august 2017 by idsn
Nepal - Dalit fined for touching barn
A local fined Prem Bahadur BK of Chhededaha Rural Municipality with Rs 2,000 for touching the former’s cowshed in Bajura. Rajendra Bahadur Singh of Chhededaha, Biradi fined BK the amount just for touching his cowshed during the door-to-door election publicity campaign on Friday.
untouchability  Nepal  2017  caste  Dalit  discrimination  case 
august 2017 by idsn
Dalit thrashed for entering temple in Bode Barsain Municipality
A person from the Dalit community was thrashed mercilessly in Bode Barsain Municipality,  Saptari,  yesterday for entering a temple to perform puja. Liladhar Das (Tatma) of Bode Barasain Municipality was beaten black and blue by the local non-Dalits. According to eye-witness Laxmi Ram, locals Raj Kumar Yadav, Kasindra Yadav, Ramchandra Yadav and Sakaldev Yadav, among others, had attacked Das when he reached the local temple to perform Asare Puja.
Nepal  2017  case  caste  dalit  violence  atrocities  discrimination  untouchability 
august 2017 by idsn
Nepal - Dalit children crush stones to buy books
Seven-year-old Laxmi Nepali of Bhagwati Aulagurta VDC of Jajarkot district wakes up early in the morning and rushes toward a nearby school. While most of the children of her age carry books and other educational materials, she is seen holding a sack on one hand and a hammer on the other en route to Nepal National Secondary School.

For the sake of Rs 100, she crushes stones into gravels in front of the school from early morning. Though it is not her wish, she is obliged to do so to sustain her life. She completes crushing a sack full of gravels from 7 am to 9 am in the morning. “I give this money to my parents and they will buy me books and new clothes,” Laxmi said.
nepal  2017  case  caste  dalit  children  childlabour  education  jmc 
august 2017 by idsn
Dalit girls learn about their rights in the villages of Rautahat (DSNF)
Minna Havunen, of the Dalit Solidarity Network-Finland, traveled to Nepal and met Dalits in the villages of Rautahat. She heard first-hand stories of discrimination and segregation and met Dalit teenage girls at a NNDSWO centre, who were learning about their rights. Read her blog post about the visit here. Photo from DSN-Fi blog post.
dsnfi  finland  Dalit  caste  Nepal  discrimination  humanrights  2017  women  dsn  case 
july 2017 by idsn
New human rights portal in Nepal to help bring justice to Dalits (IDSN News)
Several human rights organisations in Nepal have joined forces to launch and impressive new online portal that will collect information on human rights violations relating to caste in Nepal and push for action to address them. The portal is a much-needed tool to help ensure implementation of Nepal’s legislation against caste discrimination as this form of discrimination much too often goes unpunished. The portal will also raise awareness of the needs of Dalits in Nepal and other issues affecting Dalit communities.
Nepal  Dalit  caste  humanrights  justice  justicekey  idsnnews  IDSN  news 
july 2017 by idsn
Dalit, non-dalit South Asian lawmakers’ conference held in Kathmandu (ADRF)
Minister for Foreign Affairs Prakash Sharan Mahat has reiterated the government’s commitment to end the caste-based discrimination and the practice of ‘untouchability’ from Nepal at the earliest possible.
Dalit  caste  2017  ADRF  Nepal  IDSN 
july 2017 by idsn
Harijan awarded for his fight for social justice (Darnal Award for Social Justice, 2016)
Raksha Ram Chamar (Harijan) from Madhesi Dalit community has been awarded the first Darnal International Award for Social Justice
Dalit  caste  IDSN  2016  justice  Nepal  education  discrimination 
april 2017 by idsn
Life after the earthquake for Dalit communities in Nepal (Minority Rights Group)
Dalit communities are among the poorest in Nepal. So when disaster strikes, such as the immensely destructive earthquake in May 2015, they are inevitably one of the worst affected communities.
Nepal  MRG  FEDO  earthquake  Dalit  caste  2016  humanitarian  news  disaster_relief 
april 2017 by idsn
(In)Equality in Aid discussed at the 9th session of the Forum on Minority Issues (IDSN News, 2016)
The 9th session of the Forum on Minority Issues (the Forum) was held last week, on 24 and 25 November 2016, focusing on the situation of minorities in humanitarian crises. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for state representatives, experts, civil society and minority communities, and specialised bodies to engage in a constructive dialogue and seek ways to strengthen the protection and promotion of minority rights in prevention, crisis situations and the aftermath.
UN  unkey  minority_forum  IDSN  idsnnews  Nepal  India  Pakistan  mauritania  mauritaniakey  Yemen  yemenkey  indiakey  pakistankey  caste  Dalit  minorities  equalityinaid 
december 2016 by idsn
IDSN at the CERD consultation with civil society: joining hands to end racial discrimination (IDSN News, 2016)
On 23 November 2016, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) held a consultation with civil society organisations “Joining hands to end racial discrimination”. It aimed to reflect on how the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination helped make a difference in combatting racial discrimination and seek views on how to improve and enhance its engagement with civil society.
UN  unkey  cerd  consultation  IDSN  idsnnews  Nepal  India  UK  caste  discrimination  dalit  dsnuk  ncdhr  nndswo  2016  treatybodies 
november 2016 by idsn
South Asia State of Minorities Report 2016 (The South Asia Collective, 2016)
On 11 November 2016, in Nepal, Kathmandu, an inaugural report was launched titled 'South Asia State of Minorities Report 2016'. The report is 'a first-of-its-kind effort to bring together research and advocacy groups from various countries in the region to form a “South Asia Collective” that will periodically track and document the situation of minority rights, country by country'. The report pays a significant attention to caste-based discrimination in six countries - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
Nepal  Pakistan  pakistankey  India  indiakey  Bangladesh  bangladeshkey  sri_lanka  srilankakey  Report  minorities  Dalit  caste  discrimination  southasia 
november 2016 by idsn
Dalit women deprived of constitutional rights (The Himalayan Times, 2016)
Founder President of Feminist Dalit Organisation Durga Sob today said that despite the promulgation of the new statute, women were still unable to exercise their rights.
Nepal  nepalwomenkey  women  womenkey  education  educationkey  Dalit  political_participation  caste  press 
november 2016 by idsn
A photo exhibition "Dalit: A Quest for Dignity" reflects Nepali Dalits’ history and life (IDSN News, 2016)
On 27 September, at Patan Museum, Nepal Picture Library and its partners opened a photo exhibition- Dalit: A Quest for Dignity, exploring the various meanings of dignity for Nepali Dalits. The exhibition includes more than 80 historical and contemporary photographs from 20 different contributions, including personal and institutional archives. It emphasises the need to document Dalit experience in Nepal.
Nepal  photos  caste  discrimination  Dalit  exhibition  2016  globalsolidarity  activism 
october 2016 by idsn
Cases of caste-based discrimination rarely reach court (Kathmandu Post, 2016)
Only 45 cases of caste discrimination have been registered in Nepal’s court system in the past four years, the Kathmandu Post writes. This low number does not correspond with regular media reports on the issue. According to Durga Sob of the Feminist Dalit Organisation, exclusion of Dalits is so deeply rooted in Nepal that victims of caste discrimination are unable to speak up for their rights.
caste  Dalit  legislation  Nepal  Report  press  2016 
june 2016 by idsn
UN Deputy High Commissioner gravely concerned about caste discrimination (IDSN News)
During the 31st Session of the UN Human Rights Council, Dalit human rights campaigners met the high-ranking UN human rights official, Kate Gilmore.
UN  caste  Dalit  HRC31  India  Nepal  Bangladesh  Pakistan  IDSN  violence  ohchr  navsarjan  minorities 
march 2016 by idsn
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