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‘Internet opening space for new voices, but women face harassment online’ (Indian Express)
Asha Kowtal of AIDMAM-NCDHR comments on the Dalit Women Fight movement and online harassment.
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april 2019 by idsn
Dalit women defenders featured by UN Women on Women’s Day (Video) IDSN News
Asha Kowtal, General Secretary of the Dalit Women’s Movement AIDMAM-NCDHR, an IDSN member talks about the Dalit Women Fight movement in this 5-minute video made by UN Women and Google. “We are not silent. You are not silent. You are fighting. We are also fighting. We need to connect together because injustice is injustice, whether it’s your class, your caste, your sexuality or your ethnic identity.” Says Asha Kowtal in the video.
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april 2019 by idsn
Dalit women in India march for justice and access to health and education (IDSN News)
Dalit women activists marched from 23 April – 2 May through 30 villages in Rajasthan, to highlight atrocities against Dalit women, and the need for access to justice, education and health. The march, known in India as a ‘Yatra’, was organised by the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikaar Manch (AIDMAM) and comes at a crucial time in Rajasthan where reports of caste-related atrocities are rife. The activists are meeting students, local activists, health workers, local administration and many other actors to understand the issues on the ground and to amplify the voices for justice.
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may 2018 by idsn
Dalit Women Speak Out conference – forming a collective for resistance
The December 2017 Dalit Women Speak Out conference in Pune, India, was a celebration of Dalit women power and resistance and a platform from which to map out new strategies and strengthen the collective force. The conference presented an open and free space for over 400 Dalit women from across India to speak their mind and discuss how best to progress with a collective resistance to caste and gender oppression.
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may 2018 by idsn

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