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Report: Dalits and Adivasis missing from mainstream Indian news media
Indian media is dominated by ‘upper’ castes and media organisations have failed to diversify their newsroom and news coverage, reveals a new report released by Oxfam India and Newslaundry.
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october 2019 by idsn
Oxfam: Caste and gender underpin employment inequality in India
Inequality in employment along caste and gender lines is a massive obstacle to alleviating poverty and inequality in India, finds the Oxfam India report ‘Mind The Gap – State of Employment in India’. The report documents striking disparities in wages and opportunities. The report also highlights the strong links between caste and gender discrimination and forced, bonded and child labour as well as hazardous work.
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july 2019 by idsn
Evolution of wealth inequality in India (World Inequality Lab – Paris School of Economics 2018/14)
This new paper presents findings on the evolution of wealth inequality in India between 1961 and 2012. The article underlines the role of the Indian caste system in wealth inequality, as it shows that past unequal distribution of wealth along caste lines has not been corrected yet. The situation of every caste has improved over time, but there has been no convergence between dominant and lower castes.
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february 2019 by idsn

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