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Indian budget fails to deliver on allocations for the welfare of Dalits
Dalit and Adivasis in India are being let down by the Government in the 2020-21 Union budget. IDSN member, the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), has released an analysis of the budget showing unacceptable gaps in allocations and highlighting the discrepancies between Government rhetoric when it comes to social inclusion and the figures in the actual budget.
2020  budget  allocations  India  ncdhr  economicrights  analysis  Dalit  caste 
16 days ago by idsn
Consultation: Action on caste discrimination is crucial for meeting the Global Goals
In January, IDSN participated in the National Consultation “Localizing SDGs through Dalit perspectives” drawing together over eighty delegates from fifteen states in India, to discuss ways forward to address caste and gender discrimination vis-à-vis the UN Global Goals. The consultation took place in New Delhi.
IDSN  idsnnews  news  2020  ncdhr  India  sdgs  caste  castegenderjustice  consultation 
16 days ago by idsn
IMADR and IDSN joint workshop on strategies to tackle caste and gender discrimination held at Beijing +25 forum (IDSN News)
Participants and presenters shared stories, ideas and strategies at the workshop Minority Women: 25 Years as Agents of Change Together, organised by IDSN and the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) at the Beijing+25 Regional CSO Forum in Bangkok, on 26 November. The presenters included Judith Anne Lal, from the National Dalit Movement for Justice-NCDHR and the event was moderated by IDSN board member, Megumi Komori from IMADR. A video from the event was also shared.
2019  video  IMADR  IDSN  event  joint  caste  dalit  women  dalitwomen  womenkey  ndmj  ncdhr  UN  idsnnews  news 
11 weeks ago by idsn
Caste and Gender Justice event at the UN Human Rights Council (IDSN news)
Dalit human rights defenders and UN experts raise concerns over intersectional caste and gender discrimination and its adverse impact on access to human rights, at the Dalit Women and Gender Justice side-event at the UN Human Rights Council’s 41st Session in Geneva.

On 25 June 2019, IDSN International Associate IMADR, and others organised a side-event during the 41st Session of the Human Rights Council, on Dalit women and gender justice. The panel was composed of Dubravka Simonovic, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Renu Sijapati, General Secretary of the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO-Nepal) and Abirami Jotheeswaran, from the National Dalit Movement for Justice-National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NDMJ-NCDHR). The event was moderated by Henri Tiphagne, from Peoples’ Watch, in India.
caste  gender  castegenderjustice  UN  hrc  fedo  ncdhr  idsnnews  idsn  news  dalit  women  dalitwomen  2019  sr_violencewomen  specialprocedures  special_rapporteurs 
october 2019 by idsn
Consultation on global action to address discrimination based on work and descent held in Senegal (IDSN News)
On April 9-11 IDSN supported the Dakar Consultation on Global Partnership and Joint Actions in Addressing Discrimination based on Work & Descent – DWD, Untouchability, Contemporary Forms of Slavery and Analogous Forms of Discrimination that looked at caste and analogous forms of discrimination across the world to ensure joint actions and strategies to combat this form of discrimination. Information was shared and new initiatives formed and at the end of the consultation a Declaration was published as well as a summary report.
globalsolidarity  descentbaseddiscrimination  ncdhr  consultation  caste  2019  slavery 
july 2019 by idsn
Activists: Government funds for India’s most marginalised are not reaching them (India Today)
The Government have announced a rise in budgets allocated for the welfare of Dalits (Scheduled Castes) and Adivasis (Scheduled Tribes) in India. However, human rights activists are saying that the rise is irrelevant as the allocations are not in fact benefitting those they are supposed to be aimed at. Speaking at the India Today Conclave on 1-2 March, Paul Divakar, of the National Campaign for Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), commented that, "It is all a mirage. While funds are being allocated on paper, only about 2 per cent of this is actually being spent on Dalit issues." IDSN Board Member, Beena Pallical (NCDHR), also spoke at the Conclave.
2019  caste  dalit  ncdhr  India  budget  access_services  economicrights 
april 2019 by idsn
Report finds entrenched caste discrimination in India’s criminal justice system (IDSN News)
“Criminal Justice in the Shadow of Caste” is a pioneering report looking at the administration of criminal justice in India through a caste lens. The findings reveal discrimination at all levels, including within prisons. The report has been released by IDSN member, the National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ-NCDHR), in collaboration with the National Centre for Dalit Human Rights.
India  caste  2019  IDSN  news  idsnnews  justice  justicekey  atrocities  violence  women  dalitwomen  ncdhr  ndmj 
april 2019 by idsn
Dalit Manifesto released at the 20 year Anniversary of IDSN member NCDHR
IDSN founding member, NCDHR, celebrated its 20th anniversary in New Delhi on UN Human Rights Day. The event gathered rights activists from across the country together in celebration. A huge congratulations to NCDHR for the tremendous achievements over the past 20 years. A Dalit Manifesto was also released at the event, ahead of the 2019 Parliamentary Elections in India. Read the Dalit Manifesto here.
2018  ncdhr  india  caste  dalit 
february 2019 by idsn
Coalition for Dalits to submit guidelines on discrimination in schools (The New Indian Express)
The National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ) is formulating guidelines, for the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in India, on how to prevent caste-based violence in schools as part of its campaign of achieving zero discrimination.
2018  ndmj  ncdhr  education  India  violence  children 
october 2018 by idsn
Vulnerability Mapping: Project to include those excluded in Kerala flood relief ops (The News Minute)
IDSN member National Dalit Watch-NCDHR has taken part in a vulnerability mapping initiative, identifying areas where marginalised communities in four districts of Kerala have been excluded from the rescue operations and relief activities following devastating flooding in the area. IDSN members in India are responding to the reports of discrimination with relief measures, fact-finding and supporting those affected by the flooding, to claim their rights.
2018  humanitarian  disaster_relief  caste  India  ncdhr  discrimination 
october 2018 by idsn
Indian budget falls far short on allocations for Dalits (IDSN news)
The Dalit community’s analysis of the the 2018 budget of the Government of India shows that less than half of the required amount has been allocated for schemes meant to benefit Dalits and Adivasis in India - Read the full analysis by the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) here.
budget  economicrights  2018  ncdhr  india  idsn  idsnnews 
may 2018 by idsn
Campaign and new report highlight caste discrimination in schools - International Dalit Solidarity Network
Dalit children being made to sit and eat separately from other children, being beaten, abused and forced to do humiliating tasks, form part of the cases uncovered during the ‘Zero Discrimination in School Education’ campaign in India. These cases are highlighted in the report ‘Exclusion in Schools – A Study on Practice of Discrimination and Violence’ by the National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ-NCDHR) and the Centre for Social Equity and Inclusion.
education  children  india  caste  dalit  discrimination  2017  idsnnews  ncdhr  ndmj 
march 2018 by idsn
India urged to address caste discrimination in new Disaster Risk Reduction plan (IDSN News)
Dalit rights organisation, National Dalit Watch – NCDHR, has issued a press release pushing for action to directly address the issue of caste discrimination in disaster response and prevention, in India’s coming Disaster Risk Reduction Plan.
ncdhr  Dalit  caste  disaster_relief  India  indiakey  humanitarian  2017  idsnnews  IDSN 
july 2017 by idsn
Case study: Dalits with disabilities in India (Minority Stories, 2016)
Dalits, long victim to a caste-based system of social hierarchy that regards them as ‘untouchables’, comprise around 17 per cent of India’s total population.[i] While caste-based discrimination was outlawed in 1955, the social phenomenon of caste persists and is imparted through birth. As a result, Dalits still face severe hardship and exclusion from mainstream society, with prejudicial attitudes and practices underlying much of Indian society today.
press  press_global  2016  IDSN  Dalit  caste  India  discrimination  sexual_violence  women  ncdhr 
april 2017 by idsn
Collective efforts stressed to root out discriminations against downtrodden people (New Age)
Lawmakers and human rights campaigners on Monday called for taking collective efforts by all concerned to root out all sorts of discriminations against downtrodden (Dalit) people in the subcontinent.
2016  press  press_global  Dalit  caste  conference  legislation  regional  southasia  women  ncdhr  samata  Bangladesh 
april 2017 by idsn
IDSN at the CERD consultation with civil society: joining hands to end racial discrimination (IDSN News, 2016)
On 23 November 2016, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) held a consultation with civil society organisations “Joining hands to end racial discrimination”. It aimed to reflect on how the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination helped make a difference in combatting racial discrimination and seek views on how to improve and enhance its engagement with civil society.
UN  unkey  cerd  consultation  IDSN  idsnnews  Nepal  India  UK  caste  discrimination  dalit  dsnuk  ncdhr  nndswo  2016  treatybodies 
november 2016 by idsn
Report: Joint Stakeholders' Report on Caste Based Discrimination in India (NCDHR)
Stakeholders report on caste, submitted for the 27th Session of the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council- India (III UPR Cycle - May 2017)
UPR  2017  UN  UNkey  NCDHR 
october 2016 by idsn
Indian budget fails to deliver for Dalits (IDSN News)
India's more than 200 million Dalits have once again been let down by their government. The 2016 budget allocates less than half of the committed amount for the country’s Dalit and Adivasi population, the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) notes in a budget analysis.
India  caste  Dalit  budget  ncdhr  economicrights  legislation  2016  idsnnews 
march 2016 by idsn
Dalits fight for a fair share of the budget in India (IDSN)
Following the shocking 2015 60% budget cuts on funds for Dalit and Adivasi welfare in India The National Coalition on SCP TSP Legislation (NACSTL), working to safeguard the economic rights of Dalits and Adivasis in India, has taken part in pre-budget consultations with the Finance Ministry. The Coalition submitted a memorandum urging the Government to live up to its obligation to allocate sufficient funds towards the welfare of Dalits and Adivasis in India.
budget  caste  india  ncdhr  member  press  2015  economicrights  legislation 
january 2016 by idsn
Milestone act amending India's caste atrocity legislation passed (IDSN News)
In a victory for the Dalit movement in India and for all committed to justice and equality, a historic act amending the ‘Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) legislation has been passed by the upper house of parliament December 21st 2015, after the lower house passed it in August, 2015. The National Coalition on Strengthening PoA Act (NCSPA) have struggled for six years to ensure amendments to this act strengthening the rights of the victims and witnesses, improving access to justice and introducing preventative measures.
IDSN  idsnnews  news  2015  legislation  justice  india  report  ncdhr 
january 2016 by idsn
Report: Atrocities against Dalits rising, access to justice is not (IDSN news)
Violence and atrocities against Dalits are rising in India and there is an urgent need to step up efforts to ensure justice for victims, finds a new report on access to justice released by the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), supported by Christian Aid and the European Union.
report  idsnnews  india  2015  ncdhr  ndmj  atrocities  caste  justice 
january 2016 by idsn
‘More legal safeguards needed for Dalits’ (The Times of India)
"As long as Dalits in our country do not get access to make their own plans, it will be very difficult for them to break caste barriers," said president of Dalit Human Rights, New Delhi, N Paul Diwakar on his city visit.
legislation  ncdhr  india  2015  press  pressmarch2015  caste  dalit  economicrights 
may 2015 by idsn
‘Dalits and Adivasis (SC/ST) left out of pro-corporate budget,’ rights group alleges |
“Pursuing unabashedly and openly a pro-rich policy, the Modi Budget outlines a corporate vision of India that unashamedly eats into the budgetary allocations meant for the millions of its poorest and neediest citizens, the Dalits and Adivasis,” said the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR) - Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan (DAAA), which works towards the elimination of caste-based discrimination.
press  2015  pressmarch2015  india  caste  dalit  legislation  ncdhr  economicrights 
may 2015 by idsn
In India, a Broken System Leaves a ‘Broken’ People Powerless (Inter Press Service)
"Men would shuffle in and out of my room at night as if I had no right over my body, only they did. It broke me down completely." -- A 27-year-old Dalit woman, forced to serve as a 'temple slave' in South India
press  india  2015  pressmay2015  slavery  manualscavenging  devadasi  prostitution  legislation  ncdhr  caste  dalit  economicrights  ref  women  press_global 
may 2015 by idsn
Leading Dalit activists arrested for protesting massive cuts in budgets meant for Dalits
Dalit leader Paul Divakar and 29 other activists were arrested following a peaceful gathering of over 500 students gathered in front of the Indian parliament to protests severe cuts to budgets allocated to Dalit and Adivasi (Tribals) welfare and upholding of their rights. The arrests underscore a deeply concerning trend for Government stifling of voices of dissent in India.
idsnnews  2015  india  caste  dalit  education  legislation  ncdhr  economicrights  hr_defenders  idsn  news  hrdefenders 
may 2015 by idsn
National Convention on Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction held in India
The convention was organised by National Dalit Watch in collaboration with Sphere India, Cordaid and Oxfam. Participants heard that there is a shocking and consistent pattern of discrimination and exclusion in all interventions pertaining to disaster response, mitigation and risk reduction.
india  humanitarian  caste  ncdhr  2015  disaster_relief  ndw  dalit  ingo  press_global 
march 2015 by idsn
Web based tool to monitor atrocities on dalits, tribals (One World South Asia)
New Delhi: In order to monitor the atrocities targeted towards Dalits and Adivasis in the country and to ensure speedy justice to them, a unique web based tool- Atrocity Tracking and Monitoring (ATM) system has been launched under the aegis of National Coalition for strengthening SC & ST PoA Act (NCSPOA) by the National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ – NCDHR).
atrocities  impunity  ncdhr  india  caste  2015  press  february2015  justice  dalit  press_global 
march 2015 by idsn
Justice Under Trial: Caste Discrimination in Access to Justice before Special Courts (Report - NCDHR)
A comprehensive 2014 report by the National Dalit Movement for Justice (NCDHR) finds serious obstacles to Dalits obtaining justice in crimes against them and reports growing impunity when victims are Dalits. The report findings mirror many of the findings in the report Claiming Justice - also from 2014.
legislation  report  ncdhr  caste  2014  justice  implementation  impunity  atrocities  scstact  india  dalit  key  indiakey 
october 2014 by idsn
Groundbreaking Report on Claiming Justice for Dalits in India
Groundbreaking Report on Claiming Justice for Dalits in India Told directly from victims, witnesses, community members, human rights defenders and public officials, the report analyzes over 400 atrocity cases, with 20 in-depth case studies covering atrocities such as murder, rape, mass attack, and land grabbing.
2014  idsn  idsnnews  news  justice  impunity  legislation  atrocities  scstact  report  ncdhr  india  statistics  caste  dalit 
october 2014 by idsn
Inclusive Vulnerability Mapping & Monitoring of Post Disaster Response
The manual produced by National Dalit Watch is a pioneering tool to help those delivering aid in post disaster situations counter caste-based discrimination in aid delivery efforts.
humanitarian  disaster_relief  report  guide  publication  india  ndw  ncdhr  2014  caste  dalit  key  tools  press_global 
october 2014 by idsn

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