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Video: Manjula Pradeep on Caste and Women's Labour (So Many Feminisms)
Manjula Pradeep, human rights activist and founder of Wayve Foundation on caste and women's labour speaks about the unique situtation of Dalit women in relation to labour and modern slavery.
caste  dalit  women  dalitwomenfight  2020  video  slavery  untouchability 
2 days ago by idsn
IMADR and IDSN joint workshop on strategies to tackle caste and gender discrimination held at Beijing +25 forum (IDSN News)
Participants and presenters shared stories, ideas and strategies at the workshop Minority Women: 25 Years as Agents of Change Together, organised by IDSN and the International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR) at the Beijing+25 Regional CSO Forum in Bangkok, on 26 November. The presenters included Judith Anne Lal, from the National Dalit Movement for Justice-NCDHR and the event was moderated by IDSN board member, Megumi Komori from IMADR. A video from the event was also shared.
2019  video  IMADR  IDSN  event  joint  caste  dalit  women  dalitwomen  womenkey  ndmj  ncdhr  UN  idsnnews  news 
12 weeks ago by idsn
Hindus: Do We Have A Caste Problem? (Video-BBC)
This documentary examines the ways in which caste discrimination manifests itself in the UK within Asian diaspora communities and the impact of caste-based exclusion on members of these communities. The video follows Parle Patel, a young British Hindu and popular YouTuber, as he interviews members of his community to get to the bottom of whether the UK has a caste problem.
caste  diaspora  diasporakey  UK  2019  BBC  press_global  video 
12 weeks ago by idsn
Dalit women defenders featured by UN Women on Women’s Day (Video) IDSN News
Asha Kowtal, General Secretary of the Dalit Women’s Movement AIDMAM-NCDHR, an IDSN member talks about the Dalit Women Fight movement in this 5-minute video made by UN Women and Google. “We are not silent. You are not silent. You are fighting. We are also fighting. We need to connect together because injustice is injustice, whether it’s your class, your caste, your sexuality or your ethnic identity.” Says Asha Kowtal in the video.
Video  2019  caste  dalit  dalitwomenfight  women  dalitwomen  India  aidmam  atrocities  justice  sexual_violence  idsnnews  news  idsn 
april 2019 by idsn
The Cost of Cleanliness - Documentary on Deaths of Manual Scavengers in India (Video 2018)
“The Cost of Cleanliness” is based on the deaths of Dalit workers engaged in cleaning sewers and septic tanks and was release to coincide with the report Justice Denied – Death of workers engaged in manual scavenging by Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan
india  caste  2018  video  manualscavenging  slavery  documentary  jansahas 
february 2019 by idsn
Renu Sijapati from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 (Video)
Renu Sijapati from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
Durga Sob from FEDO speaks about Dalit women at the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 (Video)
Durga Sob from FEDO speaks about Dalit women at the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
Durga Sob from FEDO speaking about her experience of the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 - YouTube
Durga Sob from FEDO speaking about her experience of the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
Kala Swarnaka from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018 (Video)
Kala Swarnaka from FEDO speaks about the UN CEDAW review of Nepal 2018
video  UN  2018  caste  dalitwomen  Nepal  CEDAW  FEDO  treatybodies  women 
december 2018 by idsn
#dalitwomenfight documentary - 11 mins
A short film produced by All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch to highlight the impunity of caste-based sexual violence and the barriers to justice that Dalit women face in India
video  India  dalit  dalitwomen  women  womenkey  2018  violence  violence_against_women  rape  sexual_violence 
october 2018 by idsn
India's Forbidden Love: An Honour Killing on Trial (Al Jazeera Witness Video)
Al Jazeera has released a documentary video tracking the fatal outcome of a relationship across caste lines between a young non-Dalit woman and a Dalit man in India. The young man was killed by the woman’s relatives and the video shows how deeply ingrained caste discrimination remains in the country. Watch the video here.
video  documentary  intercastelove  atrocities  2018  aljazeera  India 
may 2018 by idsn
New documentary on the fight to legislate caste in the UK
Caste Aside is a documentary about the British government's controversial decision to introduce legislation against caste discrimination in the UK. Highlighting both sides of this heated debate, the documentary speaks to Dalit rights activists, Hindu community leaders, academics and lawyers, as well as those who say they have been discriminated against on the basis of their caste - in Britain.
2018  uk  diaspora  documentary  video 
may 2018 by idsn
Video: We can't address sanitation without talking caste, say Bezwada Wilson and Beena Pallical
Bezwada Wilson from the organization SKA, which fights to liberate manual scavengers, and Beena Pallical, from the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights, explain why the Government flagship sanitation drive is failing when it neglects to address the role of caste and manual scavenging.
manualscavenging  2017  IDSN  video  India 
january 2018 by idsn
Dalit women and political representation in Nepal (Video, FEDO, 2017)
Inspiring video from Feminist Dalit Organization – FEDO, Nepal about Dalit women and political representation in Nepal. Meet som of the fantastic women putting Dalit rights on the political agenda in Nepal and working together across party lines to create a better future.
video  fedo  dalit  caste  2017  dalitwomen  dalitwomenfight  women  key  Nepal  political_participation  politics 
october 2017 by idsn
Dignity Of Labour: Manual Scavengers Of Madhya Pradesh's Mandsaur Turn Entrepreneurs
Special feature by NDTV we meet some of the Dalit women that IDSN member Jansahas have supported to break out of the dangerous and humiliating practice of manual scavenging. See the video report here.
video  jansahas  manualscavenging  2017  India 
september 2017 by idsn
Millions of Dalit Muslims face caste discrimination (IDSN News 2016)
An estimated 100 million or more “Dalit Muslims” live in India. Activists and social scientists argue that affirmative action policies for ‘scheduled castes’ should also apply to this group.
video  aljazeera  Dalit  India  religious_minorities  caste  discrimination  IDSN  idsnnews  2016 
april 2017 by idsn
Dalit Muslims of India (Video - Al Jazeera)
In a bid to escape poverty and caste discrimination, some Hindu Dalits are converting to Islam and other faiths.
press  2015  film  video  religious_minorities  india  caste  dalit  october2015clippings  conversion  press_global 
november 2015 by idsn
#DalitWomenFight speak at Monkeywrench Books (video)
The Dalit Women's Self-Respect movement is India’s largest historic challenge to caste-apartheid and caste-based sexual violence. The All India Dalit Women's Rights Forum (All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch) activists who have had enough of India’s epidemic of caste violence, jumped into jeeps, cars, bikes, and rickshaws traveling state to state in the largest freedom ride to demand an end to caste based violence in Indian history. At each stop activists comforted survivors, confronted perpetrators, and called out corrupt public officials and the State who are responsible for this violence.
video  caste  women  dalit  2015  october2015clippings  press  dalitwomenfight  violence_against_women  violence  atrocities 
october 2015 by idsn
Video: Dalit women - intro video from IDSN
This short film brings to light a handful of violations that those who continue to be treated as ‘untouchables’, are subjected to, focusing particularly on Dalit Women who must deal with multiple discrimination due to gender and caste. They also show how Dalit activists stand up for their rights and demand change. The film is a collage of video material from Dalit community video volunteers, documentary filmmakers, and NGOs. The film includes:
Rape and sexual abuse: Dalit women describe how they are abused and raped by ‘upper castes’, often in retaliation for Dalit communities asserting their rights.

Forced prostitution: A 14 year-old Dalit girl in Nepal works as a prostitute because it is prescribed to her caste and in India Dalit girls are made to work as temple prostitutes.
video  key  IDSN  caste  dalit  women  2012  womenkey 
may 2015 by idsn
Video: Nepal's Dalits face caste discrimination (Al Jazeera, 2015)
Despite caste based discrimination being illegal in Nepal, it continues to affect the country's 'untouchables'.
Nepal  caste  dalit  2014  press  pressapril2015  video  education  children 
may 2015 by idsn
Video: Manual Scavenging: Picking Up Human Waste In India (Al Jazeera)
Despite laws preventing manual scavenging, the tradition of the lower caste people of removing human waste is still alive in India. Kavita presents us with the life of a manual scavenger and the hardships she faces
slavery  2015  press  video  pressmarch2015  manualscavenging  India  caste  dalit  ref  press_global 
may 2015 by idsn
Forced to Clean Human Waste in India (Video - Human Rights Watch)
The Indian Government should end manual scavenging says Human Rights Watch in the new report, Cleaning Human Waste: "Manual Scavenging," Caste, and Discrimination in India. The report was released together with this short video
video  india  2014  press  hrw  manualscavenging  slavery  caste  water_sanitation  dalit  ref 
october 2014 by idsn
What Is the Root Cause of India's Epidemic of Violence Against Women? (LinkAsia)
"In the wake of a disturbing, high-profile rape and murder of two girls in Uttar Pradesh, a northern state with one of the highest occurrences of violent crime against women in India, UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay urges Prime Minister Modi to address the deep-rooted caste system that she deems responsible."
video  press  caste  un  pillay  hrc26  sideevent  violence_against_women  rape  sexual_violence  dalit  women  hrc 
october 2014 by idsn
On the trail of human trafficking: forced labor in Nepal (CNN)
Video report by Siddharth Kara on caste-based slavery in Nepal - focus on Badi (caste-based prostitution) and Kamaliri (caste-based domestic slavery).
india  caste  dalit  2010  press  nepal  badi  prostitution  slavery  video  bondedlabour 
august 2012 by idsn
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