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check chrome extensions for nasties
security  chrome  tools  web  malware  extensions 
3 days ago
The Village Explainer
We met Ezra Pound at Grace Lounsbery’s house, he came to dinner with us and he stayed and he talked about japanese prints among other things. Gertrude Stein liked him but did not find him amusing. She said he was a village explainer, excellent if you were a village, but if you were not, not.
ezrapound  pound  gertrudestein  mansplaining  literature  history  quotes 
8 days ago
Apollo 11 vs USB-C Chargers
CPUs on the moon spaceship versus today's wall charger
usb  hardware  computing  history  space  ha 
10 days ago
Whats on the menu?
archive of 17,000 old menus in the ny library
history  food  foodhistory  libraries  reference  archive  menus 
20 days ago
AWS API Changes
because aws doesn't, someone made a tracker for their API changes with rss
aws  work  software  programming  api  documentation  news  rss 
24 days ago
Sidney Dekker
authority on human factors & safety
safety  ux  aviation  disasters  enginering  failure 
26 days ago
Iron Spike on Twitter: "Hello. Have you met Anita Berber? She was a disasterpiece. I think you'd like her." / Twitter
When not dancing her self-choreographed nude pieces, which had titles like "Cocaine" and "Morphium," for rapt and scandalized audiences, Berber could sometimes be seen in hotel lobbies, nude except for a sable wrap, a pet monkey, and a silver brooch filled with cocaine.
twitter  yikes  history  biography  anitaberber  drugs  wtf  entertainment 
5 weeks ago
Galega officinalis - Wikipedia
Plant that was the origin of metformin. Also called "goat's rue."
diabetes  drugs  pharmaceuticals  medicine  metformin  history  botany  wikipedia 
5 weeks ago
Ed Ruscha - Motorized Photographs Of Sunset Blvd. And Other L.A. Streets on Vimeo
Ed Ruscha reads Kerouac over a montage of his 60s-70s photos of Hollywood, 2 minute film
edruscha  art  losangeles  hollywood  kerouac  beats  60s  70s  history  film  vimeo 
5 weeks ago
Undiagnosed pneumonia - China (HU) (07): official confirmation of novel coronavirus
A few days ago, on the issue of the pathogenic identification of unexplained viral pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, the reporter interviewed Xu Jianguo, the leader of the preliminary assessment of pathogenic test results and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He said that the expert group believed that the pathogen of this unexplained case of viral pneumonia was initially determined to be a new coronavirus.
disease  doom  virus  influenza  china  coronavirus 
5 weeks ago
Marree Man
art visible from space
art  space  satellite 
7 weeks ago
The Cowboy Cartographer Who Loved California | Atlas Obscura
the "Renaissance Man of the West," as some have called him, packed history, geography, and personal details into a series of maps of different parts of California
geo  gis  visualization  maps  art  california  history 
7 weeks ago
Home - PiSDR Project
The PiSDR is a Raspbian based operating system for the Raspberry Pi pre-loaded with multiple Software Defined Radio software. It was created to serve as a fast and reliable bootstrap for SDR projects.
raspberrypi  radio  sdr 
8 weeks ago
文言, or wenyan, is an esoteric programming language that closely follows the grammar and tone of classical Chinese literature.
programminglanguages  programming  softwareengineering  chinese  language  linguistics 
8 weeks ago
U.S. Air Space Map | Know Before You Fly
interactive map of where not to fly your drone or anything else
faa  aviation  drones  safety  regulation  geography  geo  mapping  visualization 
9 weeks ago
make total destroy
There was an anti-IMF consulta in DC, and representatives from all over the world were discussing what actions their communities would take locally. Person by person, they detailed comprehensive plans...
anarchists  greece  destroy 
10 weeks ago
AI Dungeon
AIDungeon2 is a first of its kind AI generated text adventure. Using a 1.5B parameter machine learning model called GPT-2 AIDungeon2 generates the story and results of your actions as you play in this virtual world.
d&d  roguelike  textadventure  games  ai  gpt-2 
10 weeks ago
The Mapback Index - a Guide for Collectors and Fans - Welcome
This website is devoted to paperbacks published by Dell in the 1940s and 1950s. They were published on inexpensive "pulp" paper, and had striking cover art by some iconic cover artists of the era. On the back cover, most of them had a map or other illustration depicting settings and locations in the book, which is why collectors and readers call them "mapbacks."
books  history  collections  archive 
10 weeks ago
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