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National Project
today I learned that the women's christian temperance union still exists
alcohol  religion  usa  history 
4 days ago
Project Offices - Wikipedia
AT&T's not at all spooky hardened secret buildings
telco  usa  spook 
10 days ago
EU ethics guidelines: Ethical washing made in Europe
How industry creates ethics groups in order to coopt arguments for ethical AI
ai  privacy  law  eu  ethics  failure  doom  villainy 
10 days ago
?? default filename tv ??
videos named with the camera default
video  internet  ha 
22 days ago
Music Typewriters - Music Printing History
Music typewriters were developed in the 19th century, but it wasn't until the mid 1900s that they became popular.
music  history  machines  engineering  typewriters 
5 weeks ago
Shipping Out (DFW cruise essay)
Harpers version of A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again
dfw  travel  ha  cruises  pdf 
8 weeks ago
Airbus – A380 – Why Do Projects Fail?
The root of the problem can be traced back to a single decision: the decision to proceed with the project despite the fact that two CAD systems were in use. That decision resulted in design inconsistencies, mismatched calculations and configuration management failures.
failure  a380  engineering  software 
8 weeks ago
usability add on for web browsers
web  usability  mac  safari  extension 
9 weeks ago
Peterson Generator
jordan peterson quote generator
generators  ha 
9 weeks ago
The Littlest Boy – Foreign Policy
The backpack-portable nuclear weapon and its weird history
sadm  nuclearweapons  coldwar  wtf 
january 2019
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