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Report Says Principal Put Dallas Students in Fight Cage -
A high school principal and his security staff shut feuding students in a steel cage to settle disputes with bare-knuckle fistfights. Every line is a pullquote.
failure  ha  sports  trainwreck  via:positivejeff  education  pedagogy 
march 2009
What Happens To Fake Studies?
What, you think they go back and fix them? The problem of bad science staying in the record.
fraud  medicine  science  research 
march 2009
The In Vitro Meat Consortium - Home
an international alliance of environmentally concerned scientists striving to facilitate the establishment of a large-scale process industry for the production of muscle tissue for human consumption. VAT GROWN MEAT
meat  food  parts  vatgrownmeat  bioengineering 
march 2009
My SXSW: A Girl in the Band By the Numbers
388 of the roughly 2000 artists at SXSW have a female member.
sex  failure  music  sxsw  gender  popularmusic  rock  guyville 
march 2009
Physiognomy and moneylending | About face | The Economist
Unfortunately, Dr Duarte’s method was not designed to find out which features label someone as trustworthy.
ha  economics  psychology  statistics  credit 
march 2009
Costly Online Organ-Transplant Scam Results in Death, Arrest
"After seeing Feldman's online site,, the pair wired $70,000 to a New York bank account for Feldman last year."
villainy  crime  fraud  news  medicine  death  florida  parts 
march 2009
Browser Ball
So you make windows and then this ball bounces from one to another and it is more fun than one might think actually.
webdev  webtoys  via:joshua  javascript  canvas 
march 2009
Military Woman
Yes. Nothing but pictures of military women.
photography  photos  obsess  military  gallery 
march 2009
Flickr: The Dogs on Roofs Pool
Nothing but pictures of dogs on roofs.
photos  flickr  obsess  dogs 
march 2009
The News
English language Mexican newspaper
news  english  newspaper  mexico 
march 2009
The Auteurs
social network for movie snobs. looks interesting.
film  movies  community  socialnetwork  cinema 
march 2009
The Browser | the world in a window
selected links. pretty well selected at that.
news  meta  aggregator  links 
march 2009
Thousands join talk show hosts in tax protest
The usual talk radio victims show up for a tea party protest. 'Some wore buttons. One man brought a bloody effigy head of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and waved it from the end of a pike, while the crowd joined their hosts in a chant of "Repeal, recall, revolt."'
orangecounty  politics  talkradio  demagoguery  taxes  teaparty 
march 2009
Quick Footnotes (generally working notes not interesting enough to make it to my next book) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
finance  economics  philosophy 
march 2009
"My major hobby is teasing people who take themselves & the quality of their knowledge too seriously & those who don’t have the courage to sometimes say: I don’t know...." The author of The Black Swan.
finance  books  economics  business  philosophy 
march 2009
A zine by, for, and about sardines.
fish  publications  sardines  zine 
march 2009
Birds stealing ice cream
Yeah, a gallery of birds who are stealing ice cream.
via:ethan_t_hein  animals  blog  photos  photography  birds  ha 
march 2009
Society for the Appreciation of the Lowly Tinned Sardine
Yeah, it's a whole blog about canned sardines. No, I don't know either.
via:splodinvark  food  obsess  blog  fish  sardines 
march 2009
scanned in sandwiches. mmm.
food  photography  via:britta  scans 
march 2009
In search of the click track « Music Machinery
finding click track/automated drumming by variation analysis
visualization  music  audio  automation  drumming  clicktrack 
march 2009
Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment
tool/toy to make web pages more readable in some ways.
web  tools  design  browser  reading  usability  bookmarklet 
march 2009
HyShot - Centre for Hypersonics, The University of Queensland
The HyShot Flight Program is an experiment designed to develop a correlation between pressure measurements made of supersonic combustion in The University of Queensland's T4 shock tunnel, and that which is observed in flight.
engineering  aviation  engine  scramjet  hypersonic  ramjet 
march 2009
Scramjet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) is a variation of a ramjet distinguished by supersonic combustion.
engineering  aviation  scramjet  hypersonic 
march 2009
Mixups: Universal Music Group's Manufacturing Department Doesn't Have Talent (But It May Have A Sense Of Humor)
People expected the warbles of a teen opera singer but instead got The Fall's Mark E. Smith, world champion drunk pissed-off post-punk mumblecore king.
failure  ha  music  oops  umg  thefall 
march 2009 / Comment / Analysis - Stanford’s sugar-crusted show
Good summary of the Stanford Investments fraud and regulatory failures.
finance  fraud  law  ponzischemes  financialcrash  allenstanford  sec  finra  regulation 
march 2009
Strobe Weapons Go Black After 'Immobilization' Tests | Danger Room from
The most ambitious project is the "immobilization device" built by Peak Beam Systems for the U.S. Army. Fitted to a small unmanned helicopter, "the Xenon based searchlight [can] be pulsed with a unique modulation (strobe) effect that results in immobilization to those within the beam," according to a contract announcement.
oppression  bigbrother  doom  weapons  sublethal 
march 2009
Snoop Dogg Joins Nation Of Islam, Farrakhan Speaks At Annual Convention | | NEWS
According to Rueters [sic], the rapper said that he has joined the group because he was "doing what's right and representing what's right", adding that as a "leader of the hip-hop community" he would share what he learned with other artists.
failure  religion  usa  hiphop  nationofislam 
march 2009
Cult News from Rick Ross » Dalai Lama to be featured as “honored guest” of Albany “cult” in April
Raniere historically has the dubious distinction of being featured on the cover of Forbes magazine in 2003 as the “world’s strangest executive coach.”
failure  mlm  newage  cultnews  dalailama  humanpotential 
march 2009
Academic Claims to Find Sensitive Medical Info Exposed on Peer-to-Peer Networks | Threat Level from
Among about 160 files that Johnson claims contained sensitive data (.pdf) were two spreadsheets containing information on 20,000 patients, which identified four patients being treated for HIV-AIDS, 326 patients being treated for cancer, 201 being treated for mental illnesses and thousands afflicted with various other diseases.
failure  privacy  medicine  security  p2p  medicalrecords 
march 2009
Random Roles: Margot Kidder | Film | A.V. Club
Unexpectedly great interview with Margot Kidder. She knows everybody and did everything and is smart as hell.
film  movies  history  acting  interview  actor  margotkidder  avclub 
march 2009
363 - Ego-cartography: the Island of Philippe Gonzalvez « Strange Maps
“I must say that by now there is much more snow on the Mountains of Moustache and that the Hair Republic has been invaded by the Federation of the Face.” A map made from someone's face.
art  visualization  maps  cartography 
march 2009
Art - San Francisco Exhibition Explores Edward Hopper’s Influences -
The exhibition, “Edward Hopper & Company,” which opens on Thursday and runs through May 2, groups seven paintings and three sketches by Hopper with dozens of images by eight photographers
art  photography  sf  edwardhopper  hopper 
march 2009
Blambot Comic Fonts and Lettering
Comic book lettering has some grammatical and aesthetic traditions that are quite unique. What follows is a list that every letterer eventually commits to his/her own mental reference file.
comics  design  typography  lettering 
march 2009
Nick Cohen: Why the Tate's posing curator is so passé | Comment is free | The Observer
Yet even the most tolerant journalist would be hard-pressed to deny that Bourriaud is the type of French intellectual who makes the English wish the Channel was a thousand miles wide.
art  culture  via:regine  criticism  london  tategallery 
march 2009
Girls force-fed for marriage as old traditions take grip in west Africa | World news | The Observer
Campaigners in Mauritania accuse the new military regime of turning a blind eye to a cult of obesity among young girls being groomed for suitors
sex  culture  via:regine  gender  bodyimage  beauty  mauritania 
march 2009
A Million Miles Away: Dark was the night,
end of an era. this was a great pleasure of mine. glad he ended with such a fine song.
music  mp3  mp3blog 
march 2009
Fastest accelerated shot in nature | The Firearm Blog
“The fastest spores travelled more than 1 million times their own ‘body’ length in one second,” says Money. “A 1.8-metre human travelling at 1 million times his or her body length in one second would be travelling at a velocity of 1.8 million meters per second, which is more than 5000 times the speed of sound.”
yow  science  biology  fungi  projectiles 
march 2009
La Figa » Dobson Steps Down From Focus on the Family, Replaced by Real-Life Dr. Strangelove
Onward, Christian soldiers! As Rev. James Dobson steps down as the once-influential crank chairman of the conservative Focus on the Family, he is being replaced by Ret. Airforce Lt. Gen. Patrick P. Caruana, a recently retired Vice President for Northrop Grumman Space Technology who's a real life Dr Strangelove.
villainy  religion  usa  politics  churchianity  fotf  dobson 
march 2009
Backstabber: Is Rick Santelli High On Koch? - The Playboy Blog
What we discovered is that Santelli’s “rant” was not at all spontaneous as his alleged fans claim, but rather it was a carefully-planned trigger for the anti-Obama campaign
usa  politics  gop  republicans  santelli  astroturf 
march 2009
Salim Ismail Discusses Singularity University — Open Education
Area rich nerds make a whole curriculum about stuff they think is cool. Actual world ignored. Prizes for everyone, and special hats!
failure  no  christwhatanasshole  education  nerds  singularity 
february 2009
Bobby Jindal and Kenneth the Page in 2012 | Boy Golly We Sure Want to be President!!!!
Our daddy always told us that bees were God's way of showing us he hated witches. We think it's high time someone investigated the bee-dieoff/witch connection!
usa  ha  politics 
february 2009
Tools of the trade: the socio-technology of arbitrage in a Wall Street trading room
sociology paper: an "ethnology of arbitrage" from Industrial and Corporate Change
commerce  finance  sociology  money  arbitrage 
february 2009
$100 Linux wall-wart launches
Resembling a "wall-wart" power adapter, the SheevaPlug draws 5 Watts, comes with Linux, and boasts completely open hardware and software designs
gadgets  linux  hardware  embedded 
february 2009
Notional Slurry » Personal brand: red hot, with a smell of burnt flesh
Branding is not for people. Branding is for cattle. Branding is for slaves. Do you imagine it’s a coincidence that branding is for property?
failure  culture  via:britta  marketing  business  newspeak 
february 2009
Record Envelope
the art of sleeves for vinyl records
art  music  design  packaging  records 
february 2009
Jeffrey N Cook: Jeff Cook Effect Zero Point Gravity
While this site is primarily dedicated for those few among us who can effectively function using both sides of our brain, all attempts have been made herein to open such studies for not only the eccentric elite, but also the scientific and the mainstream community on a whole. After all, Mr. Cook's work, while indeed the construction of castles in the sky, has its foundations built solidly on the ground, which, according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, is a perfectly sound approach.
ha  psychoceramics  physics  cranks  singularity  math 
february 2009
Singularics Corporation .:. Advancing Energy
Our discoveries have yielded a new mathematical framework, one that provides a profound understanding of nature's basic mechanics. We have discovered The Science of Singularics™, the study of the singularity.
failure  crypto  energy  psychoceramics  physics  crank  singularity 
february 2009
This Continues To Literally Be The Best Thing I Have Ever Seen - Cable Access - Videogum
"Oh, whatever, he's just painting, exercising, and playing ping pong. Big whoop!" NO. He is also fielding hostile calls and TAKING IT IN STRIDE.
video  youtube  yes  cranks  publicaccesstv  videogum 
february 2009
A&E TV distributes iPhone app to detect THE UNSEEN
A&E Television Network has tapped Bellrock Media subsidiary Moderati to launch its first application for the Apple iPhone - a meter to measure levels of paranormal activity - to the international market.
entertainment  iphone  television  tv  ghosts  ha 
february 2009
The Trashout Squad - SoCal Connected
Something few people ever see - the dirty work of contractors hired by banks and mortgage companies to empty out foreclosed homes of whatever the former owners leave behind so the property can be readied for re-sale.
mortgages  documentary  television  tv  financialcollapse  kcet 
february 2009
Bad Science » “Facebook causes cancer”
Professor Greenfield’s stated aim, however, is to improve the public’s understanding of science: and yet repeatedly she appears in the media making wild headline-grabbing claims, without evidence, all the while telling us repeatedly that she is a scientist.
failure  science  socialnetworking  internet  health  cranks  pseudoscience 
february 2009
Discovery News: Born Animal: See A Fish With A Transparent Head
Check out the fish Macropinna microstoma. It has tubular eyes and a see-through head.
biology  animals  fish  via:tinymammoth 
february 2009
turkish synth duo, neopostpunk, good stuff
february 2009
All we want are the facts, ma'am
But when Chris Anderson's story The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete came out in June 2008, there was a fourth possibility that I hadn't even counted upon: they attributed to me a made-up quote that actually contradicts the reply I gave them
failure  journalism  via:joshua  factchecking 
february 2009
Stick It In The Slot: A VGG Salute to the Atari 2600
Too good to be true, but awesome: "The interactive 8-track looked like the average 8-track, except at the bottom, where the Atari cartridge was connected. These 8-tracks, or "double-enders" as the music/video game fanatics called them, were an instant success and proceeded to change the music industry for at least a couple of weeks"
music  wtf  interactive  videogames  8track  atari  atari2600  prank  ha 
february 2009
Water Cooler Games - videogames with an agenda
a forum for the uses of videogames in advertising, politics, education, and other everyday activities, outside the sphere of entertainment
politics  entertainment  games  media  videogames  gaming 
february 2009
Client data from mortgage broker found in trash
Folders with personal information for numerous clients of a local mortgage broker sat for days at a public recycling site, overflowing from the tops of several bins in an apparently glaring identity theft risk.
orangecounty  failure  commerce  news  privacy  newportbeach  security  mortgage  financialcollapse 
february 2009
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