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12 O'Clock Calendar 12 O'Clock Rock
KPFK music show, legendary, DJd by Andrea 'Enthal
music  history  80s 
july 2018 by ignatz
MV3 clips - YouTube
Alternative Music Video Show taped in Los Angeles during the early 1980's, hosted by Richard Blade
music  80s  childhood 
june 2017 by ignatz
Reabracadabra, an animated Minitel piece by Eduardo Kac from 1985. It was recently restored and Rhizome is now showing it online in Net Art Anthologies.
computerhistory  minitel  1980s  80s 
november 2016 by ignatz
Visitors-V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S 1981 - YouTube
Electro weirdo new wave? Heard on KROQ in the 80s. French
newwave  popmusic  80s  visitors 
january 2016 by ignatz
Desolation Center
Desolation Center is an upcoming documentary film about a now-legendary series of site-specific concerts and other events in the mid-80s.

music  80s  1980s  punk  avant-garde  performance  california 
december 2015 by ignatz
Richard Bruland Bebop Records Art Posters Collection | Oviatt Library
record store and performance venue had great posters done by the owner
art  la  80s  1980s  music  beboprecords 
april 2015 by ignatz
LhasaLargoLuna - YouTube
performances and ephemera from the Lhasa Club, 80s L.A. art and music venue
1980s  80s  music  art  clubs  lhasaclub  lhasa  youtube  video 
february 2015 by ignatz
Really awful TV intros from the golden age of really awful TV shows
80s  tv  schlock 
november 2013 by ignatz
Mojo Nixon World Empire
The triumphant return of the madman who made Southern California in the 1980s bearable
music  california  la  80s  yes 
december 2012 by ignatz
Fresno (TV mini-series 1986– ) - IMDb
great parody of the Dallas/Dynasty shows of the 80s
80s  1980s  tv  parody 
october 2012 by ignatz
Jim Bakker Show
yes, Jim Bakker is back. the love gifts are great
religion  failure  80s  USA  yikes 
may 2012 by ignatz
Urgh! A Music War DVD
classic concert footage finally released on DVD
music  dvd  80s  punk  livemusic  urgh  video 
august 2009 by ignatz
The legendary cassette-only punk reggae and noise label from the 1980s reborn. They sell their mp3 stuff on emusic, also. Lots of live stuff unavailable elsewhere.
music  punk  mp3  1980s  80s  reggae  cassette  label 
february 2009 by ignatz
We Are the World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Disagreement About Lyrics
Hilarious fighting over the lyrics. "Michael Jackson then proposed to keep his original line "Sha-lim sha-lingay" but after a few rehearsals, it too ran into opposition, because it does not have a meaning."
failure  ha  music  1980s  80s  musicians  wearetheworld 
december 2008 by ignatz
The End of Wall Street's Boom
The author of "Liar's Poker" catches up with the Wall Street mania after 20 years.
ha  financialcollapse  commerce  villainy  failure  books  80s 
november 2008 by ignatz
Bedazzled!: Jonathan Richman on "The Cutting Edge"
"in order for me to have fun, people need to be able to have their feelings show." Jonathan from 1986.
jonathanrichman  music  video  1980s  80s  quicktime 
november 2008 by ignatz
Night Flight - Watch Night Flight On YouTube
good clips from the show that went well with a triple chili cheeseburger and a sixer of Pepsi in 1984
80s  1980s  video  musicvideo  nostalgia  sedition  youtube  nightflight  cabletelevision  yes 
april 2007 by ignatz
PUNK Cathay de Grande
movie about the Hollywood punk club of legend and bad odors
video  punk  history  losangeles  cathaydegrande  punkrock  70s  80s  nightclubs 
march 2007 by ignatz
Max Headroom Guy Hijacks Chicago TV
Still unexplained and inexplicable pirate TV attack
youtube  video  hackers  pirate  maxheadroom  80s  yow 
january 2007 by ignatz
The Clash - "Clampdown"
in these days of evil presidentes...
music  lyrics  punk  theclash  anthems  cowbell  80s 
september 2006 by ignatz
The Lost Turntable: Urgh! The Final Chapter...and a song by some gay dude.
VCR capture MP3s of some URGH! tracks that weren't on the soundtrack,plus a bonus Tom Robinson track
urgh  mp3  music  lostmusic  punk  80s  surfpunks  deadkennedys  tomrobinson  johncooperclarke  vinylrips  vhs  video  film  movies 
august 2006 by ignatz
Big Boys []
website for departed wonderful texas punk band
bigboys  punk  music  texas  austintexas  80s 
august 2006 by ignatz
Interviews with Women In Punk Rock - Alice Bag
interviews with the women of los angeles punk rock, 1980 and previous
losangeles  punk  history  oralhistory  women  punkrock  music  california  80s  70s 
july 2006 by ignatz
YouTube - dankdank
Some really nice Super 8 footage of punk and new wave bands, shot in the early 1980s in Minneapolis.
xtheband  thesuburbs  talkingheads  queen  huskerdu  punk  newwave  80s  video  film  super8  archive  live  performance 
may 2006 by ignatz Punk 8-Tracks
Yes, there were punk 8 tracks. Lots of them.
8track  punk  punkrock  music  history  obsess  discography  80s  70s 
may 2006 by ignatz
CREEM ONLINE: Creem Archive December 1987
the issue of Creem in which I had an article, interview with X
selfpromotion  writing  magazines  creem  rockcrit  80s 
april 2006 by ignatz
Ten Years Ago in ‘Spy’
occasionally updated archive/analysis of classic 1980s humor magazine
media  humor  magazines  80s  archives 
december 2005 by ignatz
Music For Maniacs: BAD RELIGION pt4: L. RON HUBBARD
two MP3s of "soundtrack" music composed by Hubbard for "Battlefield Earth"
music  outsider  religion  scientology  insane  psychiatry  synthesizer  80s 
november 2005 by ignatz
eBay Store - THE INDEPENDENT PROJECT SHOP: 7 Vinyl, 10 Vinyl, 12 Vinyl
Independent Project Records/Bruce Licher ebay store, rare stuff from his collection
music  undergroundmusic  80s  ebay  vinyl  ecommerce  savagerepublic  scenic  ipr  letterpress  art 
october 2005 by ignatz
The Trump Blog
Donald Trump has a blog. The Circle is Complete.
blog  business  tv  80s  assholes  trump  commerce  internet 
august 2005 by ignatz
Fan archive of the Minutemen: concerts, rarities, videos, etc.
music  80s  punk  postpunk  minutemen  archives  ephemera  mp3  flac  video  losangeles 
july 2005 by ignatz
Ads from 80's comics!
Gobots, Atari cartridges, miracle weight lifting, and 25 live seahorses! Also Spiderman wants you to avoid sexual abuse.
80s  advertising  comics  nostalgia  funny 
june 2005 by ignatz
official site of seminal punk funk agit-pop act
music  punk  80s 
march 2005 by ignatz

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