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Tracking the Illegal Tusk Trade | National Geographic
NatGeo uses GPS-loaded artificial tusks to map illegal ivory trade
journalism  environment  crime  africa  terrorism  gps  geo 
august 2015 by ignatz
396 – “You take it – No, you take it”: the Bir Tawil Trapezoid « Strange Maps
The Bir Tawil Triangle is a desert of sand and rocks on the border between Egypt and the Sudan. It is also officially the most undesired territory in the world.
maps  geography  politics  africa 
june 2009 by ignatz
................. Analog Africa .................
mp3blog of african pop music, looks like all sub-saharan
mp3blog  mp3  music  africa 
june 2008 by ignatz
Aetiology: Emerging infections and zoonoses #3--Bushmeat
How eating miscellaneous animals in parts of Africa causes new and exciting diseases to spread
health  medicine  epidemiology  disease  food  poverty  africa  ebola  bushmeat  environment 
march 2006 by ignatz
National Geographic Magazine - WildCam AFRICA
live webcam from an african watering hole using realvideo
geography  nature  science  video  webcam  africa  animals  zoology 
october 2005 by ignatz

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