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Epigee On-Line Pregnancy Test
Test for pregnancy using a website. What could possibly go wrong?
badideajeans  failure  healthcare  obstetrics  doom 
september 2010 by ignatz
A site for vice presidents, #2, and people who like to be in the shadow! A portal about the concept... of... vice-presidency. Do not look at the cartoons.
politics  no  failure  trainwreck  webmagazines  web  publications  badideajeans  publishing 
june 2007 by ignatz
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Trouble a-Bruin
Let's all have wild bears hang out in our back yards.
bears  alaska  doh  animals  badideajeans 
june 2007 by ignatz
Kids Contracts - Parenting Help Setting Rules For Children And Teens.
Make contracts with your kids. Then I guess you can have a tort action if they crash the car or get pregnant.
childhood  parenting  wtf  no  contracts  law  badideajeans  pedagogy  failure 
may 2007 by ignatz
Annoy people from your car with a cig lighter powered scrolling LED text display
cars  autos  automotive  advertising  badideajeans  gadgets  electronics  commerce  roadrage 
march 2006 by ignatz
Spy Magazine article from 1992 about Jerry Lewis's horrific unreleased death camp comedy: The Day the Clown Cried
movies  film  no  offensive  wtf  jerrylewis  spymagazine  holocaust  badideajeans  trainwreck 
march 2006 by ignatz

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