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burroughs on becoming a magician
It is Colonel Bradfield's job to investigate the practical potentials of ESP, sorcery, witchcraft, the lot He doesn't give a shit for natural laws, what is and isn't possible. All he cares about are r...
williamsburroughs  burroughs 
may 2017 by ignatz
Thanksgiving Prayer (William S. Burroughs) Video
The bitterest and best of Thanksgiving poems, filmed by Gus van Sant.
burroughs  williamsburroughs  holidays  thanksgiving  usa  writers  politics  video  buzznet 
november 2007 by ignatz
Language Is A Virus
Text generators, cut up machines etc
language  text  web  writing  burroughs  generators  reading 
july 2005 by ignatz
ah pook is here
short film based on william burroughs
burroughs  film  animation 
april 2005 by ignatz

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