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The Slow Confiscation of Everything | Laurie Penny
Climate change is a different prospect of calamity—not just elementally but morally different from nuclear exchange in a manner which has not been properly dealt with.
lauriepenny  climate  doom 
february 2017 by ignatz
1,000 Years Ago, Corn Made Cahokia, An American Indian City Big. Then, Climate Change Destroyed It : The Salt : NPR
The Mississippian American Indian culture rose to power after A.D. 900 by farming corn. Now, new evidence suggests a dramatic change in climate might have led to the culture's collapse in the 1300s.
civilization  nativeamerican  usa  history  food  doom  climate 
february 2017 by ignatz
2003 European heat wave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The year Europe broke and tens of thousands of people died of heat
doom  failure  history  climate 
august 2014 by ignatz
The benthic bacteria spoof (Deltoid)
area climate change deniers fall for hilarious junk science spoof
pointnlaugh  climate  science  freedomscience  via:splodinvark  ha 
november 2007 by ignatz

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