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NTSB report on uber accident
Pedestrian killed because of bad software
uber  ntsb  accidents  commerce  villainy  robots 
may 2018 by ignatz
0 Sullivan Rd, 29 Palms, CA 92277 | MLS# JT18044865 | Redfin
As the trade winds blows the tumbleweed past the mesquite trees there is a song in the air of mules pulling the wagon train into the land of opportunity.
realestate  california  commerce  ha  desert 
march 2018 by ignatz
"Just launched! Find and securely access modern restrooms – all through your smartphone"
failure  oppression  commerce  villainy  defecation  urination  apps 
november 2017 by ignatz
PG&E power lines linked to Wine Country fires
bay area supervillain may be responsible tubbsfire sonoma napa
villainy  commerce  california  fire  pg&e 
october 2017 by ignatz
You Probably Shouldn’t Forge a Judge’s Signature to Solve Your SEO Problems - Motherboard
A jewelry company CEO was arrested on Monday and charged with forging court orders in order to de-index negative reviews on Google.
internet  commerce  sarahjeong  ha 
april 2017 by ignatz
I’m Renting a Dog? - Bloomberg
Can purebreds on leases democratize credit? The Nevadan behind Wags Lending thinks so.
commerce  villainy  pets  finance  leasing  wtf 
march 2017 by ignatz
Fakespot | Analyze and identify fake reviews
Fakespot spots, analyzes and identifies fake reviews - helping you out when buying stuff online.
october 2016 by ignatz
The Battle Over the Sea-Monkey Fortune - The New York Times
A former 1960s bondage-film actress is waging legal combat with a toy company for ownership of her husband’s mail-order aquatic-pet empire.
commerce  villainy  wtf  brineshrimp  seamonkeys 
april 2016 by ignatz
CFPB Data Point: Payday Lending
report from Consumer Finance Protection Bureau on payday lending
finance  commerce  villainy  csfb  paydayloan  pdf 
march 2014 by ignatz
funeral queen and celibacy advocate
death  sex  usa  commerce  religion  chastity  celibacy  funerals 
january 2014 by ignatz
Portable Church Industries
popup churches that can be set up anywhere
religion  usa  commerce 
january 2014 by ignatz
Personal Shopping Kicked Up a Notch -
"Some of these stylists and salespeople visit customers' homes to get a sense of their wardrobe needs, text photos with them and send cupcakes to clients' children on their birthdays."
endofempire  no  luxury  commerce 
december 2013 by ignatz
Jody Sherman, Ecomom, And a Grave Financial Error - Business Insider
startup flies into terrain after giving away money, founder suicides
startup  failure  suicide  dotcom  commerce 
april 2013 by ignatz
Lost Generations? Wealth Building among Young Americans
The collapse of wealth begins with my birth year! Yay!
doom  economy  commerce  failure 
march 2013 by ignatz
Unicon - Info Dump - Google Drive
apparently 100% fraudulent MLP fan convention, very well-documented
subcultures  mlp  con  fraud  failure  villainy  commerce 
february 2013 by ignatz
CBS Forced CNET To Drop Its 'Best Of CES 2013' Winner, The DISH Hopper - Forbes
CBS spikes editorial review because they're litigating with subject of winning product
journalism  commerce  villainy  corruption  failure  cnet  cbs 
january 2013 by ignatz
Spam-erican Apparel « DIS Magazine
the post-everything cyberheck of zazzle
zazzle  commerce  clothing  ha 
march 2012 by ignatz
Dollars for Doctors - ProPublica
investigative series on payoffs to physicians by medical companies
medicine  commerce  doom  villainy  propublica  journalism 
january 2012 by ignatz
The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin | Magazine
A farmer in Massachusetts named David Forster began accepting bitcoins as payment for alpaca socks.
bitcoin  failure  commerce  finance  welp 
november 2011 by ignatz
Shakti Innovations
SHAKTI Noise Reduction Technology otherwise known as hilarious fraud
ha  commerce  villainy  fraud  audiophiles 
october 2011 by ignatz
McRib Locator
google map tracking McDonalds McRib sandwich availability
mcdonalds  food  gis  geo  gmaps  mapping  commerce  doom 
october 2011 by ignatz
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