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Local white supremacist in Costa Mesa, CA
racists  nazis  orangecounty  oc  costamesa 
august 2018 by ignatz
Toraji Ramen & Aoki No Chuuka Opens in Costa Mesa | OC Weekly
Two new ramen joints have opened to join the ranks of Santouka, Zetton, Ikkousha, Yamadaya, and Kitakata.
costamesa  ramen  toeat 
january 2016 by ignatz
Los Primos Cantina - Costa Mesa, CA | Yelp
Great Mexican grease in Costa Mesa, including a burrito the size of a burro
costamesa  food  restaurant  burritos  tacos  gluttony  oc 
january 2014 by ignatz
Urban Struggle: The Battle Of The Cuckoos Nest on Vimeo
Rare documentary about the legendary Costa Mesa punk club
punk  film  oc  cuckoosnest  costamesa  documentary  1980s 
january 2014 by ignatz
Martin Millard's neo-nazi Costa Mesa blog. Good times.
nazis  orangecounty  costamesa  politics  christwhatanasshole 
october 2012 by ignatz
Panther Palace 2000 - Home Page
defunct swinger club in Costa Mesa, CA. (archived)
augh  sex  failure  orangecounty  costamesa 
april 2011 by ignatz
East Borough | Mad Hungry Woman
looks like good viet food in the unlikely zone of the The Camp in CM
food  orangecounty  oc  viet  vietnamesefood  restaurants  toeat  costamesa 
april 2011 by ignatz
May Photo and Design
Keith has shirts with the old Mesa Theatre sign on them. A must for CM locals.
orangecounty  art  design  costamesa  tshirt  mesatheatre 
january 2009 by ignatz
Operation Local News
Tom Johnson and Bill Lobdell are working on a new paper for the Newport/Mesa area
orangecounty  news  blog  newportbeach  newspapers  costamesa 
december 2008 by ignatz
Orange County - Best Of - Best Blog - A Bubbling Cauldron (2008) - OC Weekly
Geoff West has a well-deserved "Best of O.C." award for his Costa Mesa political blog.
ocweekly  orangecounty  southerncalifornia  politics  blog  costamesa 
october 2008 by ignatz
Powder Blue Report: Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor Endorses Ron Paul
Costa Mesa's nationally known bigot mayor supports lunatic presidential candidate.
costamesa  orangecounty  no  bigotry  allanmansoor  ronpaul  immigration  race 
december 2007 by ignatz
A BUBBLING CAULDRON: Light of Truth Shines - "Your Neighbor" Whines, Again
Geoff West does a fine job of nailing Millard to the wall, with judicious use of graphics to emphasize a point or two.
politics  costamesa  local  orangecounty  race  whitesupremacists  bigotry  martinhmillard  geoffwest  immigration  whitepower  fascism  louts 
july 2007 by ignatz
Piecemakers Country Store for quilting & ribbon embroidery.
Our local cult, who sells quilty things and is run by a batshit insane old lady.
cults  religion  california  southerncalifornia  orangecounty  costamesa  local  psychoceramic 
november 2006 by ignatz
Man-Sore Losers
Even the biker who fixes cop cars thinks Mansoor's anti-Mexican jihad is lame.
costamesa  local  orangecounty  race  racism  whitesupremacists  immigration  doh  mansoor 
august 2006 by ignatz
Fish Fry
Our annual charity fish fry, put on by the Lions Club, with one of the worst websites I have ever seen.
local  costamesa  newportbeach  orangecounty  events  history  badwebsites 
may 2006 by ignatz
Guy gets Car Towed, Doesn't Deal Well
The life of a repo man is always intense and sometimes painfully funny.
local  orangecounty  costamesa  video  law  pathos  repossession  reporting 
may 2006 by ignatz
Martin Diedrich's new coffee venture in Costa Mesa, CA
coffee  local  orangecounty  california  costamesa  diedrich 
december 2005 by ignatz

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