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News: Military A332 enroute on Feb 9th 2014, interaction between arm-rest and sidestick causes nose dive
As such, the Inquiry has confidence that the pitch-down command was the result of an inadvertent physical input to the Captain’s side-stick by means of a physical obstruction (the camera) between the arm-rest and the side-stick unit
failure  aviation  crash 
march 2014 by ignatz
John Lanchester - Whoops! - YouTube
lanchester on financial collapse, 25 min, very good
finance  villainy  failure  crash 
may 2012 by ignatz
A Circuit Breaker Breaks a DC-10
Hey, Ted, what happens when we mess with the
aviation  failure  risks  crash  doh 
march 2012 by ignatz
LRB · John Lanchester: It’s Finished
John Lanchester on the British side of the Great Financial Collapse
economics  finance  banking  crash  financialcrash  failure  commerce  villainy  via:acblicious 
may 2009 by ignatz
Jonathan Jarvis » Archive » Crisis of Credit Visualized
The Crisis of Credit Visualized is an animated short that explains the economic crisis by giving it form. It is also an argument for how designers have the ability to see a complex situation, then turn around and communicate it to others.
finance  crash  visualization  design  animation 
february 2009 by ignatz
Chaos in California | The ungovernable state | The Economist
Investors sometimes say that recessions help to reveal flaws in business models. This one has exposed deep cracks in the state of California.
failure  finance  crash  california  economist  budget 
february 2009 by ignatz
20% in Los Angeles County receive public aid - Los Angeles Times
One in five Los Angeles County residents -- nearly 2.2 million people -- are receiving public assistance payments or benefits
finance  crash  losangeles  depression  economy  unemployment 
february 2009 by ignatz
The kept women of fallen bankers and their sufferings.
sex  failure  finance  crash  class  prostitution 
january 2009 by ignatz
Real Time Economics : A Chorus of Cassandras
some of the people who, to varying degrees, saw the housing bust and credit crisis coming
commerce  finance  crash  economics  cassandra  predictions  toldyouso 
january 2009 by ignatz
Lahde Quits Hedge Funds, Thanks `Idiots' for Success
Andrew Lahde, the hedge-fund manager who quit after posting an 870 percent gain last year, said farewell to clients in a letter that thanks stupid traders for making him rich and ends with a plea to legalize marijuana.
news  finance  villainy  commerce  financialcollapse  crash  hedgefunds  ha  cocaine 
october 2008 by ignatz
LRB · Slavoj Žižek: Don’t Just Do Something, Talk
So while it is true that we live in a society that demands risky choices, it is one in which the powerful do the choosing, while others do the risking.
zizek  politics  economics  usa  crash  finance  commerce  markets  left 
october 2008 by ignatz
mcbrennan: Congress Responds To Credit Crisis With Bold Initiative For More Wool Research
politics  crash  bailout  usa  commerce  finance  villainy 
october 2008 by ignatz
Economists working at the United States Department of Treasury and top Wall Street banks announced the historic discovery of a very large subprime number, the biggest yet seen.
satire  selfpromotion  finance  usa  crash  news 
september 2008 by ignatz
Body is found in L.A. tow yard a day after car accident - Los Angeles Times
So yeah there was a dead person in the car when they towed it after the crash. Yeah.
yikes  failure  losangeles  crash  death  cars  trainwreck 
december 2007 by ignatz
Aircraft Identity Search
Identify these aircraft, they can't. Including a nice gallery of Plane Wrecks of the North
aircraft  aviation  mysteries  crash  history 
september 2007 by ignatz

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