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The Politics Behind the Original "Star Wars" - The Los Angeles Review of Books
The Vietnam War was one of many influences on George Lucas as he created his landmark space epic.
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december 2015 by ignatz
Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses
Cooper's art has some defects. In one place in "Deerslayer," and in the restricted space of two-thirds of a page, Cooper has scored 114 offenses against literary art out of a possible 115. It breaks the record.
marktwain  criticism  essays  literature  ha 
march 2015 by ignatz
Mark Reads Twilight
hapless community manager at pop culture social network is forced to read Twilight and drags us along for the ride. this should be in the Norton Critical Edition
literature  writing  twilight  ha  buzznet  panasonicyouth  criticism  review 
september 2009 by ignatz
Nick Cohen: Why the Tate's posing curator is so passé | Comment is free | The Observer
Yet even the most tolerant journalist would be hard-pressed to deny that Bourriaud is the type of French intellectual who makes the English wish the Channel was a thousand miles wide.
art  culture  via:regine  criticism  london  tategallery 
march 2009 by ignatz
Steven G. Kellman's Articles - The Texas Observer
Steve Kellman's stuff at the Observer. Excellent critic and essayist.
writing  friends  magazines  stevekellman  texasobserver  criticism  reviews 
january 2008 by ignatz

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