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Mutti Limited Edition
I have never wanted canned tomato products so much. / via BrandNew
design  food  tomatoes  via:glass 
september 2018 by ignatz
concept aircraft including huge over the top fantasies
aviation  history  design  wtf 
september 2018 by ignatz
Social Decay on Behance
social media companies as messed up old irl businesses
art  decay  design  tech 
january 2018 by ignatz
Still File - Skrekkøgle
classic 3D cgi redone as photos
art  design  computergraphics  3d  ha 
january 2017 by ignatz
Waldemar Swierzy | PIGASUS
Waldemar Swierzy posters in Pigasus Polish Poster Gallery in Berlin. Waldemar Swierzy Vintage posters original movie posters, theater poster, circus poster, music poster. Waldemar Swierzy in Polish Posters Shop in Berlin. Online shop and gallery in Berlin with Posters from Poland
posters  movies  poland  art  design 
december 2016 by ignatz
Bollard advice? My house gets hit by cars a lot… : HomeImprovement
A car recently drove through my kitchen wall, destroying everything. It's somewhat understandable, since [an active road goes through the middle...
architecture  failure  ha  reddit  design 
october 2016 by ignatz
Glow-in-the-Dark Concrete Could Light Up Cities
Mexican scientist José Carlos Rubio Avalos can make cities around the world glow.
design  lighting  energy  cities  concrete  inventions 
august 2016 by ignatz
Gianluca Gimini - *product design & visual communication - homepage
Photorealistic renderings of impossible bicycles done from peoples' drawings
bicycle  design  art  ha 
april 2016 by ignatz
Cold Case Playing Cards
Each card features a photograph and factual information about an unsolved homicide or missing person case.
playingcards  cards  design  lawenforcement  crime  visualization 
august 2015 by ignatz
This is perhaps the worst website I have seen
www  webdesign  failure  design  outsider  wtf  ha 
july 2014 by ignatz
:: NM Design ::
designer who did covers of several of my dad's reissues
design  books 
june 2014 by ignatz
Architecture of Doom
The hell of 1930s and Communist architecture
architecture  design  failure  grimmeathookfuture 
january 2014 by ignatz
Toyota's killer firmware: Bad design and its consequences | EDN
Bad design practices. Quality control in modern cars seems to evaporate where the software is concerned.
software  design  engineering  failure  cars  toyota 
october 2013 by ignatz
alex varanese: tortured artist, rogue scientist and international playboy
re-imagining four common products from 2010 as if they were designed in 1977: an mp3 player, a laptop, a mobile phone and a handheld video game system.
design  history  technology  sf  1970s 
october 2012 by ignatz
they're pants that are also a pic nic. italians made them.
pants  design  wtf 
april 2012 by ignatz
Magisso Black Teacup | Tipping Tea Cup from Magisso
put loose tea in the strainer, fill with water up to the tea leaves, let it steep and then tilt the cup the opposite direction. result: tea in cup.
design  food  tea  teacup 
march 2012 by ignatz
the understatement: “It’s A Brick” – Tesla Motors’ Devastating Design Problem
If the battery is ever totally discharged, the owner is left with what Tesla describes as a “brick”: a completely immobile vehicle that cannot be started or even pushed down the street.
bug  design  tesla  failure  showstopper 
february 2012 by ignatz
typography design versions of punk flyers
design  music  punk  typography 
january 2012 by ignatz
Facsimile Dust Jackets L.L.C.: Home Page
Sells facsimiles of original book covers, also has great browse of samples.
books  art  design  reference  restoration  archive 
november 2011 by ignatz
Sycamore Ceiling Fan
weirdass fan design, asymmetrical?
fan  home  design  decoration 
july 2011 by ignatz
Cheap Impostor
If you want to use your computer to make a book or a magazine, the final step before printing is called imposition. Cheap Impostor is a simple yet powerful alternative to fancy imposition software.
books  design  mac  paper  software 
june 2011 by ignatz
Chiappa Rhino 200DS | Shooting Illustrated
Weird looking pistol that fires from the bottom of the cylinder. Coming soon to a futuristic detective movie no doubt
guns  revolvers  chiappa  rhino  firearms  design 
march 2011 by ignatz
Pleasant Family Shopping
A nostalgic look back at supermarkets, discount stores and more from the past
design  obsess  retail  architecture  history  commerce  supermarkets 
march 2011 by ignatz
Cover Her Face
cover for folio edition of pd James book
art  books  design  roundmyskull 
january 2011 by ignatz
Value Pack
Alphabet made of raw hamburger. Each character hand-shaped, packaged, and photographed individually
art  design  meat  typography 
january 2010 by ignatz
Surface Area Required To Solar Power The World
map of the increasing but still small area needed to "power the world" with solar panels
visualization  energy  solarpower  graphics  design 
september 2009 by ignatz
Marc Steinmetz Photography | Escape Tools
Arts and crafts time! Prisoners' escape tools, a nice set.
via:regine  tools  prison  diy  design  improvisation 
july 2009 by ignatz
The Toaster Project
I'm Thomas Thwaites and I'm trying to build a toaster, from scratch - beginning by mining the raw materials and ending with a product that Argos sells for only £3.99.
diy  design  art  kitchen  manufacturing  toaster 
june 2009 by ignatz
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