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The Megaprocessor
large processor built from transistors by maniac
electronics  diy  wtf 
april 2016 by ignatz
Hospital Cable Guy Saves Money, Lives
hospital tech uses makerbot to create useful stuff at work
makerbot  diy  medicaltech  hospital 
march 2014 by ignatz
Homemade 9mm Pistol | The Firearm Blog
sten mag and an AK fire control system cobbled together into a pistol
diy  firearms  guns  guerilla 
january 2010 by ignatz
A Test Instrument for HF/LF RFID
This device can do almost anything involving almost any kind of low-(~125 kHz) or high-(~13.56 MHz) frequency RFID tag.
rfid  diy  hacking  electronics  radio  security 
july 2009 by ignatz
Marc Steinmetz Photography | Escape Tools
Arts and crafts time! Prisoners' escape tools, a nice set.
via:regine  tools  prison  diy  design  improvisation 
july 2009 by ignatz
The Toaster Project
I'm Thomas Thwaites and I'm trying to build a toaster, from scratch - beginning by mining the raw materials and ending with a product that Argos sells for only £3.99.
diy  design  art  kitchen  manufacturing  toaster 
june 2009 by ignatz
How to brew beer in a coffee maker, using only materials commonly found on a modestly sized oceanographic research vessel. « Southern Fried Science
This is not, as a rule, a terribly good beer (though, with a good brewmaster on board, it can be). This is a beer to pass the time.
science  beer  diy  brewing 
may 2009 by ignatz
NYC Resistor » Electronics, Hacking, Classes, and Workspace.
NYC Resistor is a hacker collective with a shared space located in downtown Brooklyn. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community.
electronics  via:thurston  diy  hardware  nyc  hacking 
february 2009 by ignatz
Open GPS Tracker
neat little near-free GPS tracker project
gps  gis  sms  wireless  projects  electronics  diy 
may 2008 by ignatz
Google Answers: EEG machines
discussion and links about EEG machines for home use in biofeedback
neurofeedback  biofeedback  eeg  neurology  neuroscience  psychology  psychiatry  diy 
may 2006 by ignatz
If it's Linux... we know it: GPL Projects: AutoZen
cool and possibly very dangerous home biofeedback "consciousness altering" software
meditation  biofeedback  software  diy  neurofeedback 
january 2006 by ignatz
How To Build A Big Engine
engine building stories and tips from a hot rod mechanics
autos  automotive  cars  engines  engineering  hotrods  diy 
november 2005 by ignatz
Soda Straw Structures
how to build things with beverage straws
crafts  art  diy  silly 
november 2005 by ignatz
Clementine Press
cool looking small indie press in los angeles
books  diy  presses  publishing 
november 2005 by ignatz

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