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Lord Bath, the latest "The Ruling Class" sequel candidate
aristocracy  england  ha 
june 2011 by ignatz Babbys Yead
...usually eaten with chips, peas and gravy, or with chips and pea wet.
food  no  england  babbys  blorf 
may 2008 by ignatz
The Green Man - Index
The history of the "Green Man," a face wreathed in leaves
myth  art  folklore  pagan  history  england 
march 2008 by ignatz
Volcano 'drove up UK death toll'
1783 Icelandic volcano probably caused wave of deaths in England due to air pollution
bbcnews  uk  england  history  volcanoes  geography  atmosphere  environment  doom  death 
september 2006 by ignatz
The Gnome Reserve & Wild Flower Garden
My God, it's full of gnomes. Very English attraction, this.
gnomes  uk  attractions  gardens  faeries  wtf  england  twee 
april 2006 by ignatz
The London Necropolis Railway - London, UK -
Special train to carry mourners to funerals that lasted from 1854 to the Second World War.
weird  history  trains  london  england  macabre  goth  landmarks 
august 2005 by ignatz

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