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AWS S3 Event Notifications have "probably once" delivery
you get the following

Messages that are delivered once;
Messages that are delivered multiple times;
Messages that are not delivered

This is in fact equivalent to "no guarantees at all" but the phrase "probably once" has a certain appeal to it. In my case I have an application that writes files to S3 at a regular interval. These files are processed by a lambda so they can be loaded into a database. This database is ultimately used in a customer facing application, so any duplicates gets noticed very quickly. Somehow I needed to come up with a way to deal with this pecuilar behavior of S3 Event Notifications.

Christ, what a mess. Sounds like S3 Event Notifications are best ignored for production use. Disappointing :(
aws  s3  event-notifications  consistency  durability  reliability  ops  via:jm 
11 weeks ago by ignatz

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