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Sidney Dekker
authority on human factors & safety
safety  ux  aviation  disasters  enginering  failure 
26 days ago by ignatz
Woman dies after being struck by debris from gender reveal explosion
Woman dies after being struck by debris from gender reveal explosion
no  usa  gender  failure  doom 
october 2019 by ignatz
Malfunctioning sex robot
Patricia Lockwood incinerates Updike
writing  criticism  literature  ha  updike  failure 
october 2019 by ignatz
opioid + cannabis + god knows what else
drugs  nyaope  southafrica  africa  opioids  addictive  failure  commerce  villainy  pdf 
august 2019 by ignatz
Bill Of The Month | Kaiser Health News
regular feature: godawful medical billing situation of the month
healthcare  commerce  villainy  failure  usa 
july 2019 by ignatz
MDR Data Files | FDA
medical device failure data newly released
foia  failure  medicine  healthcare  villainy  commerce 
july 2019 by ignatz
Microspeak: Cookie licking | The Old New Thing
Cookie licking is the act of claiming something as something only you can do, but without actually doing it. (Note: This is considered a bad thing.)
tech  development  microsoft  slang  projects  humans  failure 
june 2019 by ignatz
quest diagnostics breach SEC filing
large pt info breach at huge lab test co
failure  security  breach  pii  medical 
june 2019 by ignatz
Lab Corp of America breach SEC filing
7.7 million patient records stolen from huge lab testing org
security  failure  medical  breach  pii 
june 2019 by ignatz
We Are HERO Sports - HERO Sports
"HERO Sports is both a consumer destination and a content-as-a-service company. Through our content automation platform we’re able to produce original and compelling content for all sports."
journalism  sports  failure  ha  dotcom  AI 
may 2019 by ignatz
The Unofficial Correction of "Moms Across America"
impossible burger versus 'moms across america'
food  ha  failure  grifters  wackos  woowoo  pdf 
may 2019 by ignatz
EU ethics guidelines: Ethical washing made in Europe
How industry creates ethics groups in order to coopt arguments for ethical AI
ai  privacy  law  eu  ethics  failure  doom  villainy 
april 2019 by ignatz
Airbus – A380 – Why Do Projects Fail?
The root of the problem can be traced back to a single decision: the decision to proceed with the project despite the fact that two CAD systems were in use. That decision resulted in design inconsistencies, mismatched calculations and configuration management failures.
failure  a380  engineering  software 
february 2019 by ignatz
Qanon conspiracy chart
Dense chart, written by frothing lunatics
failure  qanon  conspiracy  via:nrrd 
december 2018 by ignatz
A Way Out – Popula
“This is because nonprofits exist to manage the contradictions of capitalism.”

“If we are going to survive the coming years it is necessary that we demolish the liberal theory of change. This theory tells you that the individual can change everything, while simultaneously insisting that the individual is powerless to change anything, unless it’s in a voting booth. It insists that you, the individual, can be whatever or whoever you want to be, and by doing so, you can somehow compromise or bargain or reason with the forces of capital. I’m here to tell you that you can’t. Those forces only want you dead. You are surplus to them. You are disposable. Sooner or later they will come for you. Don’t let the Hal Rogers of the world lead them to you.”
capitalism  nonprofits  activism  appalachia  liberalism  failure  via:beep 
november 2018 by ignatz
An idiot’s manifesto | Idiot Joy Showland
This is one of the worst pieces f prose I have ever read.
samkriss  no  ha  writing  failure 
september 2018 by ignatz
my 1990s NEC computer had a horrible proprietary disk setup
NEC  vintagecomputing  1990s  technology  failure  history  DOS 
july 2018 by ignatz
"Just launched! Find and securely access modern restrooms – all through your smartphone"
failure  oppression  commerce  villainy  defecation  urination  apps 
november 2017 by ignatz
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