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So cal punk documentary - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
oc  cuckoosnest  film 
march 2017 by ignatz
The Incredible Melting Man - Trailer (1977 bad movie) - YouTube
Here's the official trailer of the worst movie I've ever watched: The Incredible Melting Man
film  meltingthings 
february 2017 by ignatz
Penguin's Memory
The Sanrio version of The Deer Hunter? Beer commercial sad penguins become Vietnam War film.
suntory  animation  commercials  film  wtf  japan  beer 
january 2016 by ignatz
U B U W E B - Film & Video: Eric Duvivier - La femme 100 têtes (1967)
This is an adaptation of Max Ernst's collage book "La femme 100 têtes", originally published in 1929.
film  art  maxernst 
july 2015 by ignatz
Cinemas - an album on Flickr
"Since 2008 i have been on an 'almost' one man quest to photograph and record as much of the UKs forgotten cinema and theatre heritage as possible before these amazing buildings are lost for ever."
flickr  photos  obsess  film  history  uk 
september 2014 by ignatz
Three miles north of Molkom Film
Deep in the lakeside forests of Sweden, three miles north of Molkom, lies Ängsbacka; a 21st Century playground for adults.
newage  documentary  idiots  film 
april 2014 by ignatz
Urban Struggle: The Battle Of The Cuckoos Nest on Vimeo
Rare documentary about the legendary Costa Mesa punk club
punk  film  oc  cuckoosnest  costamesa  documentary  1980s 
january 2014 by ignatz
Source Code in TV and Films
someone has been cataloging the "computer code" in movies and TV
programming  ha  film  tv  obsess 
january 2014 by ignatz
2013 Black List Includes HOLLAND, MICHIGAN, AMERICAN SNIPER, and PAN | Collider
Rejected scripts, a top annual list. "Temperamental tennis champion John McEnroe is sucked into a dangerous and ludicrous law enforcement sting during Wimbeldon in 1980."
film  scripts  failure  ha 
december 2013 by ignatz
Sub-Machine Gun
Great blog of bizarre screenshots/text.
blog  film  television  wtf 
january 2013 by ignatz
Dorothy - Film Map - Original Open Edition
A street map made up of over 900 film titles including cinema classics such as Lost Highway, On the Waterfront, Jurassic Park, Reservoir Dogs, Carlito's Way, Nightmare on Elm Street, Valley of the Dolls and Chinatown.
art  film  movies  map  visualization 
july 2012 by ignatz
Lost & Found : Cinespect
It almost seems to good to be true, but in 1969, Hugo Santiago, an Argentine expatriate who had been working as an assistant director to Robert Bresson, completed “Invasion,” a feature-length film whose scenario was written by Adolfo Bioy Casares (“The Invention of Morel”) and Jorge Luis Borges
film  borges 
february 2012 by ignatz
Gaslighting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory and perception.
psychology  wikipedia  abuse  film 
february 2012 by ignatz
YouTube - Off the Charts
pbs documentary about song-poem industry
vanitypress  music  songpoem  documentary  film  youtube  pbs 
march 2011 by ignatz
Dunston Checks In API
"The Dunston Checks In API provides an easy, lightweight framework for developers to integrate memorable qutoes [sic] from Dunston Checks In in their applications."
api  ha  software  programming  film 
february 2011 by ignatz
Refused are Fucking Dead
documentary about hardcore band
music  punk  film  documentary 
july 2010 by ignatz
huge bag of artsy weird
film  movies  video  rare  archive 
may 2009 by ignatz
Jesus People
Waiting For Guffman meets The Office meets every Christian music ministry ever.
christianity  churchianity  ha  religion  culture  popculture  usa  movies  film  via:positivejeff 
april 2009 by ignatz
The Auteurs
social network for movie snobs. looks interesting.
film  movies  community  socialnetwork  cinema 
march 2009 by ignatz
Random Roles: Margot Kidder | Film | A.V. Club
Unexpectedly great interview with Margot Kidder. She knows everybody and did everything and is smart as hell.
film  movies  history  acting  interview  actor  margotkidder  avclub 
march 2009 by ignatz
Truck Yarou
the first in Toei's enormously popular and successful Truck Yarou series (10 films total). Toei created the series to exploit the "art truck"/"dekotora" (decoration truck) subculture.
yow  70s  film  trucks  japan  fads 
january 2009 by ignatz
This Is Where We Live
Delightful animated film for book lovers
books  design  animation  stopmotion  video  film 
january 2009 by ignatz
"The Birds" Barbie
Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Barbie® Doll
yikes  toys  film  via:splodinvark  dolls  hitchcock  barbie  thebirds 
december 2008 by ignatz
slacktivist: LBTM: That's our Buck!
"And now we know that we're watching a faithful adaptation of Left Behind. Less than two minutes in and the director has already lost track of whether it's night or day."
slacktivist  leftbehind  ha  film  churchianity  christianity  americafuckyeah  religion  failure  movies 
november 2008 by ignatz
ANTREPO4.COM OUTPUT REPORT: Movie Posters with brand integration
These are funny. Also: I hate "brand integration" as a euphemism for product placement, which was another euphemism.
film  movies  productplacement  design  typography 
october 2008 by ignatz
Ostern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ostern (Eastern) or Red Western was the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries' take on the Western movie.
film  westerns  coldwar  redwesterns  ostern  movies 
september 2008 by ignatz
Fox Searchlight - Young@Heart - Official Site
old people chorus sings pop hits. surprisingly good
film  music  documentary 
august 2008 by ignatz
De Düva (The Dove)
14 minutes of brilliant fake Bergman from 1968
video  parody  film  ingmarbergman  bergman  thedove  dedüva 
april 2008 by ignatz
index to bittorrent of obscure or weird movies
bittorrent  film  archive  art  p2p  cultmovies  art_films 
april 2008 by ignatz
Mickey Z.: Cool Observer: Home
One of the cast of "Robot Holocaust" recalls the epic shoot
film  mst3k  robotholocaust  memoir  acting  actors 
january 2008 by ignatz
Somareview post on the Blake/Duncan suicides
Further conspiratorial theories and weirdness about the case. See followups later on somareview.
theresaduncan  jeremyblake  conspiracies  religion  art  film  scientology  news  somareview  blog 
december 2007 by ignatz
The world as Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan saw it
latimes article reprinted at cult info site about blake & duncan suicides
jeremyblake  theresaduncan  conspiracies  film  art  news 
december 2007 by ignatz
YouTube - Werner Herzog gets shot by LA sniper during interview
Someone caps Werner with an air rifle while he's being interviewed. Nice.
herzog  wernerherzog  television  failure  losangeles  film  guns  wtf 
december 2007 by ignatz
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