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Chai Wine Vault
blockchain for wine fraud prevention
wine  fraud  blockchain 
august 2017 by ignatz
I'm a Victim of Tax Season Cybercrime - Motherboard
And we are all victims of our unnecessarily convoluted tax system.
identifytheft  fraud  tax 
april 2017 by ignatz
Theranos Whistleblower Shook the Company—And His Family - WSJ
Tyler Shultz says he wanted to shield reputation of former Secretary of State George Shultz, a Theranos director; $400,000 in legal fees
theranos  fraud  startup  villainy  politics 
november 2016 by ignatz
Exclusive: How Elizabeth Holmes’s House of Cards Came Tumbling Down | Vanity Fair
In a searing investigation into the once lauded biotech start-up Theranos, Nick Bilton discovers that its precocious founder defied medical experts—even her own chief scientist—about the veracity of its now discredited blood-testing technology.
theranos  failure  fraud  ha 
september 2016 by ignatz
Losing our business — we didn’t see it coming — Medium
It’s time to make this story public. Jo and I have dined out on it long enough and I think we have told the people closest to the company…
startups  fraud  ha 
august 2016 by ignatz
How a Grad Student Uncovered a Huge Fraud -- Science of Us
Chutzpah in scientific fraud, like he wanted to get caught.
ha  science  fraud  yow 
may 2015 by ignatz
A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science
PDF of handy checklist for bozo science
pdf  science  news  reference  fraud  woowoo 
april 2015 by ignatz
The Rise and Fall of KREYOS — Medium
So anyway we took $1.5 million from regular people and didn't make anything lol
failure  ha  no  startups  indiegogo  fraud  watches 
february 2015 by ignatz
ADE 651 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
not a bomb detector, sold as such. details are hilarious.
fraud  ha  oppression  terrorism 
april 2013 by ignatz
Unicon - Info Dump - Google Drive
apparently 100% fraudulent MLP fan convention, very well-documented
subcultures  mlp  con  fraud  failure  villainy  commerce 
february 2013 by ignatz
Success-N-Life Episode Guide
Weirdly complete guide to legendary crummy televangelist's show
evangelical  televangelist  fraud  tv  obsess 
september 2012 by ignatz
Parkinson’s Researcher Fabricated Data | The Scientist
Neuroscientist Mona Thiruchelvam agrees to retract two studies linking neurodegeneration to pesticides.
medicine  research  parkinsons  fraud 
july 2012 by ignatz
Château Sucker
Rare-wine collectors are savvy, competitive guys with a taste for impossible finds. The biggest hoax in history took place right under their noses.
wine  ha  fraud 
may 2012 by ignatz
Shakti Innovations
SHAKTI Noise Reduction Technology otherwise known as hilarious fraud
ha  commerce  villainy  fraud  audiophiles 
october 2011 by ignatz
Fuel saving - a professional engineer's view
debunking of fraudulent fuel saving accessories and advice on actual fuel saving from an engineer in the field
debunk  fraud  engineering  cars  gadgets 
september 2010 by ignatz
At University of Phoenix, Allegations of Enrollment Abuses Persist - ProPublica
surprise! degree mill fibs to students. they're the single largest recipient of federal educational grants, too.
education  commerce  villainy  fraud 
november 2009 by ignatz
Toys - we make money not art
art exhibit about the collapse of a fictional enron-like company
art  finance  enron  fraud  commerce  villainy 
july 2009 by ignatz | Conflict over event using Fred Rogers' name, 2009
College kid from San Diego County attempts to appropriate Fred Rogers' legacy. Tells everyone that everyone else approved it. Failure to launch ensues.
tv  television  mrrogers  fraud  entertainment  psychology  fakes 
june 2009 by ignatz
What Happens To Fake Studies?
What, you think they go back and fix them? The problem of bad science staying in the record.
fraud  medicine  science  research 
march 2009 by ignatz
Costly Online Organ-Transplant Scam Results in Death, Arrest
"After seeing Feldman's online site,, the pair wired $70,000 to a New York bank account for Feldman last year."
villainy  crime  fraud  news  medicine  death  florida  parts 
march 2009 by ignatz / Comment / Analysis - Stanford’s sugar-crusted show
Good summary of the Stanford Investments fraud and regulatory failures.
finance  fraud  law  ponzischemes  financialcrash  allenstanford  sec  finra  regulation 
march 2009 by ignatz
The great Atlantic Ocean swimming hoax - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics - Yahoo! Sports
The real issue stemmed from the fact that swimming 2,100 miles in 25 days is impossible.
failure  fraud  news  sports 
february 2009 by ignatz
MMR doctor Andrew Wakefield fixed data on autism - Times Online
THE doctor who sparked the scare over the safety of the MMR vaccine for children changed and misreported results in his research, creating the appearance of a possible link with autism, a Sunday Times investigation has found.
failure  fraud  medicine  science  pseudoscience  autism 
february 2009 by ignatz
ABC News: Government Regulators Aided IndyMac Cover-Up, Maybe Others
Treasury regulators assisted and even suggested fraud by IndyMac bank and maybe others
commerce  villainy  banking  fraud  indymac  financialcollapse 
january 2009 by ignatz
Quantum Age Water - Stirwands. Getting the most out of the water you drink.
"the Stirwand™ is clinically proven to naturally, without adding anything artificial, quickly restore any clean, potable water to near perfect balance and stability."
failure  fraud  ha  psychoceramics  newage 
january 2009 by ignatz
Excerpt from "Against Sleep and Nightmares" on Ponzi schemes and capitalism. Pithy and smart.
commerce  villainy  finance  fraud  left  capitalism  ponzischemes 
december 2008 by ignatz
SkyMall - Ultra Soft Intentional Hoodies
These are not your ordinary shirts! Why? Research that shows written words on containers of water can influence the water's structure for better or worse depending on the Intent of the word. The human body is over 70% water. We believe that these positive, loving and powerful words will have a profound effect on your entire being. We are so high, so so very high.
no  failure  pseudoscience  commerce  newage  fraud  skymall  gaaaah 
november 2008 by ignatz
Fresh Fire Ministries
Over the top faith healer claims to have raised the dead, caused glass eye to see, etc
christianity  florida  faithhealers  fraud  yow  americafuckyeah  churchianity 
july 2008 by ignatz
What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door-to-Door Magazine Sales
the door to door magazine sales business is even worse than you'd thought.
commerce  villainy  publishing  fraud  doom 
july 2008 by ignatz
BlackLight Power Inc.
The latest in free energy from water, this time via "computational chemical design technology based on The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUT-CP)" Yeah.
energy  physics  commerce  fraud  crank  ha 
july 2008 by ignatz
Mandro-RX is an all natural herbal supplement that goes straight to the root of the problem preventing the onset of feminization in men.
fraud  ha  health  gender  testosterone  yeesh 
march 2008 by ignatz
Reason Magazine - Cut-Rate Diplomas
large numbers of people in important government jobs in the US have faked educations
government  doh  villainy  education  credentialism  degreemills  lamers  fraud  humanresources  pathos  usa 
july 2007 by ignatz
Oddball Comics - You've Got to Have GRIT!
AMERICA'S FAVORITE FAMILY NEWSPAPER which I never actually saw but which lured me with dreams of big prizes. I hope at least one kid got the axe.
grit  comics  usa  childhood  affiliatemarketing  fraud  prizes  newspapers  journalism  comicbooks  advertising 
may 2007 by ignatz
Unethical Wicca
wicker man inspired witchspam!
wicca  witchcraft  wickerman  ha  spam  magic  magick  fraud  commerce  lamers  pasta  paste 
april 2007 by ignatz
updates on what fraud is happening in tv land
infomercials  fraud  television  tv  gripes  consumer 
may 2006 by ignatz
Investigations: Network of Deception
Orange County Register investigative series on charity boiler room telemarketer scams
journalism  investigativejournalism  fraud  commerce  villainy  orangecounty  california  usa  local  charity 
march 2006 by ignatz

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