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ignatz : free   21 - FREE Paper Models
cool little free papercraft instructions
papercraft  free  art  models  toys  howto 
october 2008 by ignatz
Comfort Stand
all free record label with lots of bizarre/outsider stuff, including mic in track etc
music  free  mp3  audio  creativecommons  outsider 
january 2006 by ignatz
Internet Archive: Details: M
download the entirety of Fritz Lang's classic film "M"
cinema  culture  film  movies  downloads  free  mpeg 
november 2005 by ignatz
Free World Dialup
free computer-to-computer voip service
voip  phone  software  free  telecom  tools 
october 2005 by ignatz
BBC - Radio 3 - Beethoven Experience - downloads
The BBC gives away MP3s of all Beethoven's symphonies.
music  mp3  free  cool  radio 
june 2005 by ignatz

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