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X Lossless Decoder: Lossless audio decoder for Mac OS X
Very slick FLAC and other lossless format decoder.
audio  flac  mac  osx  software  freeware  mp3  aac 
january 2010 by ignatz
WinMTR - 0.8
Windows clone of the excellent MTR network diagnostic utility
networking  tools  utilities  sysadmin  windows  freeware 
july 2009 by ignatz
Process Monitor
Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity.
windows  sysinternals  microsoft  freeware 
july 2009 by ignatz
sweet little app that hooks up to search engines
via:joshua  osx  search  freeware  mac  utilities  tools  apple 
december 2007 by ignatz
WriteRoom - Distraction free writing.
Full screen word processor with typewriter-like simplicity, reminiscent of WordPerfect 5.1
apple  software  osx  mac  writing  wordprocessing  wp  freeware  editor 
september 2006 by ignatz

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