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data/dotgov-domains at gh-pages · GSA/data
You can view or download a complete list of .gov domains. This list includes the federal government's executive, legislative, and judicial branches -- as well as states, territories, cities, counties, and native tribes.
government  usa  dns  nerd  internet 
november 2017 by ignatz
Waffle House Index - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Waffle House Index is an informal metric used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to determine the impact of a storm and the likely scale of assistance required for disaster recovery. The measure is based on the reputation of the Waffle House restaurant chain for staying open during extreme weather and for reopening quickly
disaster  statistics  usa  government  waffles  data 
october 2016 by ignatz
Yet another Freeman Victory in Court - YouTube
On July 15th, Scottie Hochstetter went into court with Freeman/Sovereign arguments thinking they'd be a magic get-out-of-jail-free card. It didn't work, now he's looking at 180 days in jail for criminal contempt of court
outsider  sovereigncitizen  wat  government  law  failure 
august 2015 by ignatz
FCC ID Device Search
Look up every electronic device filed with FCC, including inside pics etc
electronics  reference  usa  fcc  government 
june 2015 by ignatz
Meet the Beer Bottle Dictator - The Daily Beast
For years, one man has approved virtually every beer label design in the United States.
beer  government 
august 2014 by ignatz
BTS | Dictionary
This dictionary presents over 6,000 terms and acronyms related to transportation. The terms and acronyms were obtained from various transportation publications and databases which exist within the federal government, private organizations, Canada and Mexico.
reference  government  acronyms  ha 
february 2013 by ignatz
“Flushable” Wipes, Clogging Pipes | NACWA
Folks let's all filk about proper disposal of baby wipes
sewage  music  failure  mp3  no  government 
september 2012 by ignatz
Clothes dryer fires in residential buildings
stats and recommendations for not having your house burn down because of the dryer
safety  fire  government  usa  pdf 
february 2012 by ignatz
Hospital Compare Home
Veterans Administration attempting transparency with hospital data, using incomprehensible IE-only GUI.
healthcare  government  veterans  informatics  failure  hospitals  publichealth 
march 2011 by ignatz
Collapse of a Closed Society: The ... - Google Books
The "Coffee Crisis" of 1976-79 in which currency failures screwed up the coffee supply and near revolt occurred
coffee  government  failure  commerce 
january 2011 by ignatz
California: The ungovernable state | The Economist
California may require a constitutional convention. That terrifies me.
california  usa  finance  government  failure  economics 
may 2009 by ignatz
Black Budget Blows by $50B || Ares Homepage
The secret budget is larger than many countries' entire defense budget.
via:thepouncer  government  military  money  secrecy  war 
may 2009 by ignatz
Med Center Official Tried to Silence Vet
Canady's story -- allegations of racial discrimination and a claim that he was twice given an overdose of morphine by a nurse who continues to work at the hospital -- peaked the interest of a local radio reporter who, when he tried to interview Canady, was interrupted by a hospital official.
government  military  oppression  journalism  VA  veterans  news  censorship 
april 2009 by ignatz
Super-laser fully operational at last - Innovation-
"After more than a decade of work and $3.5 billion, engineers have completed the world's most powerful laser, capable of simulating the energy force of a hydrogen bomb and the sun itself."
lasers  science  government  usa  weapons  nuclearweapons  doom  madscience  wmd 
april 2009 by ignatz
Orange County California - AlertOC
alerting service for disasters and other excitement in Orange County, CA
orangecounty  oc  emergency  government  telecom 
march 2009 by ignatz - 2009 Multimedia Counterterrorism Calendar
I am not sure why we have a National Counterterrorism Calendar, but here it is.
usa  politics  government  terrorism  calendar 
january 2009 by ignatz
Ethan Persoff,
collection of government and other weird comics
comics  government  history  usa  weird  propaganda  ephemera 
august 2007 by ignatz
Welcome to LA-RICS
The los angeles county wireless interoperability system for public safety communications
radio  publicservice  scanning  emergencyservices  losangeles  government  california  trunking  wireless 
july 2007 by ignatz
What Happened on June 26?
the drumbeat of war, or a mistake?
conspiracy  military  usa  government  radio  war  eep 
july 2007 by ignatz
Reason Magazine - Cut-Rate Diplomas
large numbers of people in important government jobs in the US have faked educations
government  doh  villainy  education  credentialism  degreemills  lamers  fraud  humanresources  pathos  usa 
july 2007 by ignatz
DMA: State and federal prison file
Don't send spam to people in prison. Here's how to avoid it!
spam  junkmail  government  dma  directmailadvertising  prison  law  prisoners 
december 2006 by ignatz
From One Lab to Another: Los Alamos Info Breach and Meth Trailer Story Develops
Info breach and meth trailer! Info breach and meth trailer! Info breach and meth trailer!
weapons  government  security  drugs  losalamos  wtf  nuclearweapons  meth  no 
november 2006 by ignatz
Workshops of Horror
ulcers, dermatitis, falls from heights, and other delights
yikes  government  doom  grimmeathookfuture  danger  warnings  what 
october 2006 by ignatz
U.S. Senate: Reference Home > Senate Bean Soup
Bean soup is on the menu at the U.S. Senate daily. Please make a note of it.
soup  government  food  recipes  legumes 
september 2006 by ignatz
TSA: Service Animals
TSOs have been trained to not touch the monkey during the screening process.
government  tsa  homelandsecurity  dhs  monkeys  oppression  simians  usa  baddates 
august 2006 by ignatz
FDA Centennial Anthem
bad poetry o noetry about the food and drug administration
government  usa  music  anthems  no 
august 2006 by ignatz
Antipeonage Act Web Site
psychoceramic page attacking government debt and other oppression
wackos  government  politics  psychoceramics 
august 2005 by ignatz
MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base (TKB)
Database of news and documentation about terrorism.
government  terrorism  reference  news  database 
july 2005 by ignatz

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