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(605) Firearm Funnies on Pinterest
Funny memes, pictures and all the like for firearm aficionados.
guns  pinterest  wtf 
november 2016 by ignatz
Forgotten Weapons - YouTube
extreme nerding about old weapons, huge archive
nerd  firearms  guns  history  engineering  youtube  video 
march 2015 by ignatz
Vespa 150 TAP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Special Vespa scooter modified for military use with a 75mm recoilless rifle mounted.
vehicles  scooters  motorcycle  vespa  war  weapons  guns 
september 2014 by ignatz
Project HARP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
a joint project of the United States Department of Defense and Canada's Department of National Defence created with the goal of studying ballistics of re-entry vehicles at low cost; whereas most such projects used expensive (and failure-prone) rockets, HARP used a non-rocket spacelaunch method based on a very large gun to fire the models to high altitudes and speeds.
weapons  science  usa  wtf  guns 
march 2012 by ignatz
Ohio Ordnance Works M240 SLR
Here's a great idea! A $13,500 modified machine gun that shoots belted ammo! Those whitetail deer are screwed now!
guns  wtf  excess 
april 2011 by ignatz
Chiappa Rhino 200DS | Shooting Illustrated
Weird looking pistol that fires from the bottom of the cylinder. Coming soon to a futuristic detective movie no doubt
guns  revolvers  chiappa  rhino  firearms  design 
march 2011 by ignatz
Kel-Tec Unveils The New KSG Dual-Tube Pump Shotgun
Once again the latest in real weaponry outdoes the first person shooter fantasy weapons.
guns  future  yikes  shotgun  fps  blog  cheaperthandirt 
january 2011 by ignatz
M1911A1 Animated Demonstration
Flash animation of the M1911A1's function including cutaway, exploding view, interactive safeties
guns  engineering  M1911A1  animation  flash  firearms 
august 2010 by ignatz
The INTIMIDATOR- by GarE Maxton
125-piece 40-pound metal puzzle piece that when solved can be reassembled into a working .45 pistol
firearms  guns  puzzles  engineering  sculpture  art 
july 2010 by ignatz
Stolzer & Son's Gunsmithing - 2 Bore Jones Underlever
Building a ridiculously huge black powder rifle
guns  engineering  yow 
june 2010 by ignatz
Homemade 9mm Pistol | The Firearm Blog
sten mag and an AK fire control system cobbled together into a pistol
diy  firearms  guns  guerilla 
january 2010 by ignatz
Zel Custom Tactilite
scary sniper uppers for ARs
firearms  guns  yikes  338  sniper 
november 2009 by ignatz
The American Gunmaker: John M. Browning
Yes, it's a comic book about the life and work of the world's greatest gun maker.
browning  guns  cartoons  comics  history  wtf  m1911  BAR  weapons  war  yikes 
july 2009 by ignatz
YouTube - hit by a .223 ricochet
"So, I had a bullet in my arm removed..."
video  guns  failure  safety 
march 2009 by ignatz
Snowflakes in Hell » Blog Archive » .50 BMG vs. Hard Drives
If you like guns or really hate hard disk drives this video is for you.
guns  computers  video 
march 2009 by ignatz
Sniper rifle software launched for iPod touch - Telegraph
Quick ballistics solutions from your iPod, which is mounted to your rifle!
guns  software  what  iphone 
january 2009 by ignatz
.45-70 Gardner Gun replica | The Firearm Blog
turn of the century two-barrel machine gun, cranked. shiny. want.
guns  steampunk  vintage  bang  want  replica  machinegun 
january 2009 by ignatz
224,000 Rounds in 12 days
Serious torture test of firearms. It's interesting what broke.
guns  firearms  engineering  testing  qa 
december 2008 by ignatz
The Appleseed Project
The Appleseed Program is designed to take you from being a simple rifle owner to being a true rifleman.
guns  training 
november 2008 by ignatz
Nerf N-Strike Product Demo
nerf assault rifle with illuminated target designator, flip-up sight, clip fed
nerf  toys  war  guns  yes  raygun  via:ethan_t_hein 
october 2008 by ignatz
The Palm Pistol
The Palm Pistol is an ergonomically innovative single shot double action only defensive firearm. Assuming it's ever made or ever legal, sure.
guns  firearms  americafuckyeah  handguns  vaporware 
september 2008 by ignatz
Shrine of the Mall Ninja " LonelyMachines
the thin dumb line that protects our malls... has an elite.
guns  lol  mallninjas  trolls  yes  ha  geek  hilarity 
may 2008 by ignatz
YouTube - Werner Herzog gets shot by LA sniper during interview
Someone caps Werner with an air rifle while he's being interviewed. Nice.
herzog  wernerherzog  television  failure  losangeles  film  guns  wtf 
december 2007 by ignatz
The 40-Foot Marshmallow Blaster. at Hammacher Schlemmer
Forty foot reach, can load with individual marshmallows or shotgun style with the mini ones.
marshmallows  weapons  guns  candy  toys  ha  cool 
july 2007 by ignatz
Armed America: Portraits of Americans and their Guns
I'm glad at least that the people in the pics seem to be holding them safely.
books  guns  americafuckyeah  photography  firearms  culture 
april 2007 by ignatz
NRA Wine Club - Powered by Vinesse
Because nothing says fine wine like Hoppe's #9 and smokeless powder
wine  ecommerce  nra  guns  bang  usa  americafuckyeah  politics 
march 2007 by ignatz
inexpensive ammunition with cheap/free shipping
ammunition  ammo  guns  shipping  shopping  firearms  e-commerce 
january 2007 by ignatz
Train to become a sniper! Or don't, please don't.
military  lawenforcement  cops  guns  crazy  maniacs  bang  assassins  yikes 
january 2007 by ignatz
M41A pulse rifle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article or section describes a work of fiction in a primarily in-universe style and may need CLEANUP. Also it's hilarious.
sciencefiction  sf  alien  aliens  guns  fiction  wikipedia  ha 
january 2007 by ignatz
The Ammo Oracle
nerdage about the .223/5.56 mm ammunition. (changed to mirror site url)
guns  reference  ammunition  5.56mm  rifles  AR-15 
december 2006 by ignatz
lots of info about guns and hunting
guns  firearms  reference  bang 
november 2006 by ignatz
Insane chase video
This is the most insane chase ever. They got to play GTA for reals.
police  video  television  lawenforcement  death  guns  pursuits  madness 
may 2006 by ignatz
Defense Tech: Sand Bullets for Israeli Troops
OUCH! "Nonlethal" bullets made of powder. Including the "Avon" round that just knocks on your door.
warfare  war  weapons  guns  police  repression  pain 
august 2005 by ignatz
Metal Storm Limited
Robotic multiple grenade launchers.
june 2004 by ignatz

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