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National Project
today I learned that the women's christian temperance union still exists
alcohol  religion  usa  history 
7 days ago by ignatz
Music Typewriters - Music Printing History
Music typewriters were developed in the 19th century, but it wasn't until the mid 1900s that they became popular.
music  history  machines  engineering  typewriters 
5 weeks ago by ignatz
Timeline of Russian innovation - Wikipedia
very odd list of russian innovations, starting with baked milk
wikipedia  russia  history  technology  wtf 
november 2018 by ignatz
Public History | Lapham’s Quarterly
History museums and historical societies in the United States.
mapping  gis  geography  usa  history  museums  archives 
november 2018 by ignatz
concept aircraft including huge over the top fantasies
aviation  history  design  wtf 
september 2018 by ignatz
12 O'Clock Calendar 12 O'Clock Rock
KPFK music show, legendary, DJd by Andrea 'Enthal
music  history  80s 
july 2018 by ignatz
my 1990s NEC computer had a horrible proprietary disk setup
NEC  vintagecomputing  1990s  technology  failure  history  DOS 
july 2018 by ignatz
Hidden Camera Used to Photograph Olso in the 1890s
surprisingly lively candids from a time when we thought it was all very rigid
photography  history 
january 2018 by ignatz
Peter Brown (historian) - Wikipedia
He is credited with having brought coherence to the field of Late Antiquity, and is sometimes regarded as the inventor of the field.
history  historians  peterbrown  lateantiquity  rome 
december 2017 by ignatz
California’s Little-Known Genocide - History in the Headlines
In 1850, around 400 Pomo people, including women and children, were slaughtered by the U.S. Cavalry and local volunteers at Clear Lake north of San Francisco.
history  california  usa  villainy  genocide 
november 2017 by ignatz
AOL Insider V2.o
"Inside and out of American On line"
"taking AOL to the limit...
aol  history  guiding  ha 
october 2017 by ignatz
Messages in the Matrices of Records
the writing in the center of vinyl records
music  history  records  ephemera 
june 2017 by ignatz
Frontline 1996 The Gulf War (Complete) - Comprehensive and critical analysis of the 1990-1991 war - YouTube
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
history  video  towatch 
may 2017 by ignatz
The Surprising Resilience of Failed Fast Food Chains
Interesting read for those that wondered what happened to Chi-Chis and Rax, etc
history  junkfood  fast  via:glass 
april 2017 by ignatz
LLNL Atmospheric Nuclear Tests - YouTube
The U.S. conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, with multiple cameras capturing each event at around 2,400 frames per second. These a...
nuclearweapons  history  weapons  war  usa  nuclear  youtube  video 
march 2017 by ignatz
1,000 Years Ago, Corn Made Cahokia, An American Indian City Big. Then, Climate Change Destroyed It : The Salt : NPR
The Mississippian American Indian culture rose to power after A.D. 900 by farming corn. Now, new evidence suggests a dramatic change in climate might have led to the culture's collapse in the 1300s.
civilization  nativeamerican  usa  history  food  doom  climate 
february 2017 by ignatz
TV NEWS : Search Captions. Borrow Broadcasts : TV Archive : Internet Archive
Welcome to TV NEWS Archive! This research library service enables you to: Search more than 1,309,000 U.S. broadcasts using closed captioning; Borrow broadcasts on DVDs; View and Cite short streamed clips; Compare and Contrast perspectives across networks, stations and time; and Place video quotes within your commentary. Dive in and Share your insights!
archive  tv  history  captioning  data 
january 2017 by ignatz
Shocking Photos Show Inside Abandoned Lincoln Mall | NBC Chicago
It has been nearly two years since the Lincoln Mall in south suburban Matteson, Illinois, closed its doors. But take a look inside today, and things already look drastically different inside the abandoned...
photography  urbandecay  history  yow  usa 
november 2016 by ignatz
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