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Paul Manafort's Puzzling New York Real Estate Purchases - WNYC News - WNYC
Real estate and law enforcement experts say some of Trump's former campaign manager's transactions in New York City fit a ...
villainy  money  crime  trump  manafort  moneylaundering 
march 2017 by ignatz
Mispricing derivatives a danger for real assets -
Growing dislocations between financial assets and derivatives are a symptom of increasing fragmentation in global financial markets. This poses a systemic risk which policymakers need to address. In the world of financial derivatives, strange things
money  finance  failure  villainy  banks 
january 2016 by ignatz
Big Data for the Poor -
using big data and machine learning to reduce loan costs for broke people
finance  money  work  bigdata  machinelearning  loans 
july 2012 by ignatz
Debt Collectors Take Places Alongside Hospital Staffs -
"Hospital patients waiting in an emergency room or convalescing after surgery are being confronted by an unexpected visitor: a debt collector at bedside."
healthcare  grimmeathookfuture  money  failure  usa 
may 2012 by ignatz
Kinebar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
gold bars authenticated with cool looking holograms
gold  money  hologram  security  art 
october 2009 by ignatz
Common Surgeries and Charges Comparison
Compare costs for common surgeries in the State of California, a web tool.
medicine  commerce  healthcare  california  tools  money  surgery 
may 2009 by ignatz
Black Budget Blows by $50B || Ares Homepage
The secret budget is larger than many countries' entire defense budget.
via:thepouncer  government  military  money  secrecy  war 
may 2009 by ignatz
Tools of the trade: the socio-technology of arbitrage in a Wall Street trading room
sociology paper: an "ethnology of arbitrage" from Industrial and Corporate Change
commerce  finance  sociology  money  arbitrage 
february 2009 by ignatz
Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall Street
For five years, Li's formula, known as a Gaussian copula function, looked like an unambiguously positive breakthrough, a piece of financial technology that allowed hugely complex risks to be modeled with more ease and accuracy than ever before
failure  commerce  finance  economics  money  math 
february 2009 by ignatz
Sunlight Foundation's Fortune 535
How rich is your Congressional rep? Mine's got $45 million.
politics  congress  usa  commerce  villainy  wealth  sunlightfoundation  project535  money 
may 2008 by ignatz
An Open Challenge to Silicon Valley - Harvard Business Online's Umair Haque
I'm not sure there is a context in which this has a point, but apparently people with money are revolutionaries and should be more revolutionary.
wtf  money  commerce  clueless  privilege  web2.0  failure  businesseducation  management 
may 2008 by ignatz
Extreme investing is off the wall and off the hook! AWWWYEEAAAAAHH
Hey kids! You're not kids! But we'll pretend, in order to trick you into investing money like those lame squares do.
selfpromotion  buzznet  money  commerce  youthmarketing  marketing  failure  investing  mutualfunds  usa  neoteny  infantilization 
november 2007 by ignatz
The Problem With Music
Albini's classic essay, with math, on why you shouldn't try to be a rock star. Mandatory reading for guitar heroes.
music  commerce  villainy  musicbusiness  stevealbini  classics  essays  money 
may 2007 by ignatz
I am Facing Foreclosure .com
The anti-infomercial: how this guy lost his shirt playing with real estate. Oops.
commerce  doh  mistakes  money  realestate  trainwreck  trainwrecks 
october 2006 by ignatz
TC's blog » Yahoo stock to RSS converter
useful script for making rss feeds of stock prices
scrapers  rss  feeds  syndication  money  stocks  finance  news  ticker  php 
june 2006 by ignatz
..:: bit unfair ::..
Oxfam's game of rich and poor, done as a game show. Nice stuff.
media  video  viral  politics  society  oxfam  commerce  money  villainy  poverty  games 
march 2006 by ignatz
Credit Cards
visualize credit card debt to see what's going on
money  commerce  credit  tools  webtoys  visualization 
february 2006 by ignatz

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