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data/dotgov-domains at gh-pages · GSA/data
You can view or download a complete list of .gov domains. This list includes the federal government's executive, legislative, and judicial branches -- as well as states, territories, cities, counties, and native tribes.
government  usa  dns  nerd  internet 
november 2017 by ignatz
Hydraulic Press Channel - YouTube
person squishes things with hydraulic press on video
youtube  nerd  obsess  crushing 
march 2016 by ignatz
Forgotten Weapons - YouTube
extreme nerding about old weapons, huge archive
nerd  firearms  guns  history  engineering  youtube  video 
march 2015 by ignatz
The Unofficial Thomas Pynchon Guide to Los Angeles
A map of Greater Los Angeles keyed to the novels of Thomas Pynchon
literature  pynchon  losangeles  map  geo  visualization  nerd 
july 2009 by ignatz
machine project » Classes and Workshops
classes in circuitbending, crafts, animatronic ghosts, etc
electronics  nerd  tech  education  crafts  fun 
december 2008 by ignatz
English Russia » The Sausage Admin
When Russian system administrators stay at night hacking their systems they might have an urge for some hot food, so the most fast way to get a hot sausage is to… plug it into the wall electric outlet.
electricity  russia  sausages  food  nerd 
november 2008 by ignatz
signs that fail at the languaging, mostly
writing  signs  mistakes  failure  nerd  orthography 
september 2008 by ignatz
Booking Bands
combined book name and band name hilarity
ha  music  popculture  books  nerd  rockandroll  popmusic 
august 2007 by ignatz
Yeah, a whole blog about notebooks! Mmmm
notebooks  books  nerd  obsess  moleskine  blog 
august 2007 by ignatz
Medals for Storming R'lyeh
mad russian has medals for anti-old one activity. or something?
cthulhu  lovecraft  nerd  jewelry  livejournal  cool 
july 2007 by ignatz

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