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Follow the Oil Trail and You’ll Find the Girls
A filmmaker travels the U.S. and Canada to speak with Indigenous women about the constant threats to their safety and their lives.
oil  doom  villainy  toread 
march 2017 by ignatz
Bud's Offshore Energy (BOE)
blog of oil industry insider and engineer
oil  disaster  deepwaterhorizon  bp  blog  energy  drilling 
june 2010 by ignatz
bit-player » Blog Archive » A hole in the bottom of the ocean
A good perspective on the Gulf of Mexico disaster as an industrial accident and the necessity of an independent investigatory body.
oil  disasters  engineering  bp  deepwaterhorizon  politics  failure 
june 2010 by ignatz
AAA: 85% of Nashville-area stations out of gas | | The Town Talk
Hurricane Ike whacked a pipeline and a whole town is out of gas until the inevitably slow fix arrives.
infrastructure  failure  oil  gasoline  energy  usa  hurricane  singlepointoffailure  trainwreck 
september 2008 by ignatz
spaceoctopus: George Bush and I visited Albania around
Why ARE we so interested in Kosovo's independence? Well...
kosovo  albania  politics  usa  oil  russia  war  coldwar 
march 2008 by ignatz

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