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Few other filmmakers have fallen victim to as many spoofs of their work as Bergman. A somewhat dubious honour, perhaps, but an honour nonetheless!
bergman  parody 
march 2017 by ignatz
Nighthawks Forever
many, many takeoffs on Hopper's "Nighthawks"
parody  art  hopper 
december 2012 by ignatz
Fresno (TV mini-series 1986– ) - IMDb
great parody of the Dallas/Dynasty shows of the 80s
80s  1980s  tv  parody 
october 2012 by ignatz
Jane Bennet tagged Elizabeth Bennet in her note Bad News About Lydia.
ha  literature  parody  facebook  janeausten 
december 2008 by ignatz
De Düva (The Dove)
14 minutes of brilliant fake Bergman from 1968
video  parody  film  ingmarbergman  bergman  thedove  dedüva 
april 2008 by ignatz
The Second Coming (remix)
And what Ron Paul, his hour come round at last...
ronpaul  parody  poetry  ha  somethingawful  yeats  politics  usa  elections 
november 2007 by ignatz
Panexa ad
Ask your doctor for a reason to take it (video)
video  quicktime  ads  advertising  drugs  lol  parody 
june 2006 by ignatz
MERD | Panexa (Acidachrome Promanganate)
hilarious fake ad site for nonexistent cure-all drug
art  ads  advertising  satire  medicine  parody  pharmaceuticals 
november 2005 by ignatz
a nonist public service pamphlet
Blog Depression: a pamphlet for sufferers
humor  parody  satire  blog 
july 2005 by ignatz
Guardian Unlimited Books | Special Reports | Dumbledore's death
The death of Dumbledore in the style of many writers. I like Irvine Welsh a lot.
books  fiction  humor  literature  parody  harrypotter 
july 2005 by ignatz

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