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Jeremy Bentham's semi preserved corpse as kept in University College, London in a box. Flash rotating view.
london  bentham  mummy  philosophy 
february 2016 by ignatz
Theatre of Cruelty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Without an element of cruelty at the root of every spectacle," he writes, "the theatre is not possible."
art  philosophy  theory  doomed  theatre  theater 
january 2013 by ignatz
A life in writing: Slavoj Žižek | Culture | The Guardian
'Let's speak frankly, no bullshit, most of the left hates me even though I am supposed to be one of the world's leading communist intellectuals'
philosophy  zizek 
august 2011 by ignatz
Quick Footnotes (generally working notes not interesting enough to make it to my next book) by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
finance  economics  philosophy 
march 2009 by ignatz
"My major hobby is teasing people who take themselves & the quality of their knowledge too seriously & those who don’t have the courage to sometimes say: I don’t know...." The author of The Black Swan.
finance  books  economics  business  philosophy 
march 2009 by ignatz
Worse Is Better
perfection considered harmful, etc
software  style  theory  essays  design  unix  hackers  philosophy  lisp 
january 2007 by ignatz
Nothing can be known; not even this.
skepticism  skeptics  philosophy  pyrrhonism  pyrrho  reference 
august 2006 by ignatz
The Dilemma
"If exersize can make everyone younger and live longer (to a degree), then why can't business power? Both are forms of power after all. But one is more powerful than the other in affecting livlihoods." etc.
psychoceramics  wtf  theoriesofeverything  geeks  philosophy  trainwrecks  no 
july 2006 by ignatz
Hardcore Zen: GUDO'S ANSWERS
answers to common questions about zen from a cool zen master
zen  buddhism  hardcorezen  faq  religion  philosophy  psychology  brain 
april 2006 by ignatz
Gricean maxims - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Four maxims that define the pragmatics of natural language.
philosophy  language  grice  wikipedia  conversation  rules 
august 2005 by ignatz
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Bob the Angry Flower on the important subjects of free will and pancakes.
comics  webcomics  bobtheangryflower  food  philosophy  pancakes 
august 2005 by ignatz

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