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Euthanasia Coaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Euthanasia Coaster is an art concept for a steel roller coaster designed to kill its passengers.
death  ha  physics  amusementparks 
april 2014 by ignatz
No, pesky lawyers, particle colliders WON'T destroy the Earth • The Register
A couple of lawyers are calling for the US government not to fund any further research at one of its premier heavy-ion colliders, the RHIC, because of a discredited 15-year-old “doomsday scenario” debat
failure  pseudoscience  law  physics  RHIC 
february 2014 by ignatz
Has Dark Matter Finally Been Found? Big News Soon |
"We believe we're on the threshold of discovery," Turner said. "We believe this will be the decade of the WIMP."
science  physics  space  news 
february 2013 by ignatz
What we know, and don't know, about Japan's reactors
Panel of MIT nuclear engineers aims for clarity about the state of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
japan  nuclear  disaster  MIT  science  physics 
march 2011 by ignatz
How I found glaring errors in Einstein's calculations
crackpots, mostly in physics, with some observations on their characteristics
via:thurston  psychoceramics  science  physics  crackpots 
may 2009 by ignatz
Singularics » Singularics is out of the doghouse
A very strange defense of "Singularics" against Schneier's doghouse, by its CEO.
singularity  wtf  science  psychoceramics  physics  failure 
march 2009 by ignatz
Jeffrey N Cook: Jeff Cook Effect Zero Point Gravity
While this site is primarily dedicated for those few among us who can effectively function using both sides of our brain, all attempts have been made herein to open such studies for not only the eccentric elite, but also the scientific and the mainstream community on a whole. After all, Mr. Cook's work, while indeed the construction of castles in the sky, has its foundations built solidly on the ground, which, according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, is a perfectly sound approach.
ha  psychoceramics  physics  cranks  singularity  math 
february 2009 by ignatz
Singularics Corporation .:. Advancing Energy
Our discoveries have yielded a new mathematical framework, one that provides a profound understanding of nature's basic mechanics. We have discovered The Science of Singularics™, the study of the singularity.
failure  crypto  energy  psychoceramics  physics  crank  singularity 
february 2009 by ignatz
Science Box
Honeybees are found to interact with Quantum fields
physics  math  bees 
december 2008 by ignatz
Note the charged pumpkin seeds coming off at a curved trajectory under the influence of a magnetic field.
physics  lhc  largehadroncollider  halloween  pumpkins  ha  selfpromotion  upenn 
november 2008 by ignatz
Future planes, cars may be made of 'buckypaper'
Buckypaper is 10 times lighter but potentially 500 times stronger than steel when sheets of it are stacked and pressed together to form a composite. Unlike conventional composite materials, though, it conducts electricity like copper or silicon and disperses heat like steel or brass.
via:tinymammoth  buckyballs  c60  chemistry  physics  materialsscience  nano 
october 2008 by ignatz
BlackLight Power Inc.
The latest in free energy from water, this time via "computational chemical design technology based on The Grand Unified Theory of Classical Physics (GUT-CP)" Yeah.
energy  physics  commerce  fraud  crank  ha 
july 2008 by ignatz
Crackpot index
A simple method for rating potentially revolutionary contributions to physics.
physics  science  psychoceramics  crackpots  skepticism  lists  ha 
august 2006 by ignatz
Earth Rotation Service
science  astronomy  geography  geophysics  physics  time  clocks 
november 2005 by ignatz
Datasqueeze Software
software that analyzes data from 2D diffraction studies
physics  graphics  software  tools  family  shareware  xray  diffraction  data 
november 2005 by ignatz
John Baez's Stuff
Great resources on math and physics, including tutorials on relativity
math  mathematics  physics  reference  science  tutorial 
november 2005 by ignatz

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